Borders and Aprons: How to create a visually interesting driveway using concrete pavers

Picture this: You’ve just purchased a beautiful new five-bedroom Craftsman home in a wonderful neighborhood. The landscaping is superb and you love the interior details of your house. But something just isn’t quite right. When you drive up to your new home, your driveway doesn’t match the overall aesthetic.

You begin to wonder how you can improve the overall look of your driveway without spending too much money or destroying the surface that’s already there. Alternatively: You’re close to retirement and looking to sell your house. How do you make your home the home to buy? The answer lies in using concrete pavers to create decorative aprons and bordering for your driveway. Pavers can be used to effectively create a whole new front yard aesthetic. Whether preparing your home for sale or for your own enjoyment, concrete pavers offer an amazing solution to a vexing problem: how do you make your driveway as dynamic and exciting as the rest of your house?

Borders for definition

Borders provide visually interesting contrast and highlight your home’s entrance when used to frame a driveway. Borders constructed with durable concrete pavers can preserve the edges of an asphalt surface and aid in containing gravel. For this reason alone, using a border to frame your gravel driveway is a sound choice. On a design level, stunning effects can be achieved by utilizing dark borders in combination with light gravel. For example, when the old world cobblestone texture of paver interacts with pale and coarse gravel, a beautiful cool and earthy aesthetic is achieved. From a design standpoint, the varied textures and tones of the gravel and pavers create a wholly unique and dynamic image. The use of pavers as a border creates a clear distinction between the road and your home while simultaneously heightening the overall look of your landscaping. Lastly, using pavers as a border, rather than as the driveway itself, saves you money while creating a unique and fresh design.

Aprons as an aesthetic opening

Driveway aprons are perfect for boosting curb appeal and creating a memorable driveway opening. Aprons also make the construction of a flared driveway entrance a possible addition to your gravel or asphalt driveway. This is achieved by replacing the front section of a driveway with concrete pavers, creating a durable link between the street and the home. Normally this section extends between 5 and 15 ft. away from the street, but can extend further to accommodate longer driveways.  Choose from various styles like modern, colonial, contemporary, English classic, or craftsman.

Great materials for matching your home’s aesthetic

Concrete pavers provide a wide spectrum of style and color option to accommodate the architecture of almost any home. By adding an apron or border with concrete pavers, you can add character to existing asphalt or gravel driveways with product choices that play off the materials used in the façade of the home.  Call Bloom today to see what we can do for your home.  CALL 757-597-4631 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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