Improve your Home’s Value with Pavers

Pavers are an easy option to add some curb appeal and functionality to your home’s outdoor space. Here are some ways to improve your home’s value with paver installation

An Inviting Home

Improve Home Value Pavers

You can easily improve your home’s value with pavers by creating an inviting walkway to lead guests to the front door, or around back to a patio area. Pavers are a great option if you are thinking of redoing pathways outside of your home. You can design a simple, straight walkway leading from your mailbox to the front door, or you could make things a little more creative by adding a slight curve to the path.

Add interest to the walkway by using pavers with colors that compliment the color of your home. Sidewalks and pathways are a great addition to any home because it implicitly gives guests directions. They don’t need to wonder which door to go to if they have a beautiful pathway to follow.


Designers love to add patios onto the plans when building homes because it gives the space a finished, sophisticated look. However, you can save some money by adding a patio later on without the designer price tag. Paver installation and design is one of Bloom's core services!

The key to a great paver patio is that it needs to feel like an extension of the home, rather than a separate feature. Pavers are a great option for patios because they are easier to use than poured concrete, and the variety of colors they come in can match any home’s existing palette. If you have already employed pavers in your sidewalks and pathways, it makes it an easy transition into the patio area. If you have existing sidewalks of poured concrete or another material, the variety of color options pavers come in makes it easy to blend the two materials together.

Lawn Appeal

You can improve your home’s value with pavers in a variety of ways. Not only can you lead guests to the entryways of your home, you can also create relaxing outdoor spaces. If you are not interested in a patio, you can use pavers to create pathways that lead to places that are peaceful. Whether you have an avid green thumb, or if you are a novice, Bloom Lawn Care can help you select the best plants for the space. If you have a wooded area on your property, use pavers to create a winding walkway into the trees where you can enjoy the shade on a warm afternoon. Incorporate a small bench or birdbath that invites visitors to take a moment and enjoy the space. If you have a more open area, you can still use landscaping to create a separate and interesting outdoor space with a paver walkway. It could lead to a flower bed or another feature that draws the eye. The first thing that visitors see when they pull up in front of your home is the outdoor space, and having an interesting and attractive outdoor area will definitely put potential buyers in a positive frame of mind, before they even walk through the door.


Installing brick pavers as walkways or patios will definitely improve your home’s value. Not only do the pavers increase the curb appeal, they are an investment that will last. Homes that have pavers make the home seem bigger because they create more usable space. If you add a covered or partially covered patio, it will increase the square footage of the home. The patio is an area that can be used throughout the year, even during the cooler weather. Adding a fire pit or outdoor heater to the patio area will keep you toasty during the winter months, and pavers are a much safer option than a wooden deck when it comes to fire safety. Paver patios are also a better option because they will last much longer. Wooden decks need to be maintained every year with fresh paint, and wood will need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years. Pavers have a much longer lifespan, and only require a quick scrub from a power washer whenever they look like they need it.

Don’t wait until it is time to sell your home to enjoy the benefits of pavers. With spring starting to creep in, get in touch with Bloom Lawn Care to discuss design options that can help you enjoy your outdoor space, while also improving your home’s value with pavers.

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