Landscape Lighting Tip's from the Pro's at Bloom

​Avoid using solar.   Solar lights don't last, don't work if it's cloudy, and won't work in shade areas, or be very dim.  Solar lights emit only 3-5% of the light that a modern LED fixture emits.  

That means even a 3 watt LED is 20x stronger than a solar light.  Solar lights never stand up right and can make your yard look tacky.  Save yourself the cost and invest in a real LED lighting system.  

You don't need an electrician to install low voltage landscape lighting.  Because the system is LOW VOLTAGE, it can be installed by you or a landscape professional.   ​

Get a bigger transformer just in case you decide to add more lights in the future.   Transformers that come with an extra 50W capacity will often times cost just a few dollars more.  ​

Install two transformers if needed (front and back) to save on wire, this will have no impact on the quality of your LED outdoor lighting system.

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