Use Landscaping to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Retail Properties

Landscaping is the first thing people see when approaching a space, and that gives them a first impression. Your retail property can stand out for one of two reasons - because it looks great, or because it looks awful. Here are a few quick tips on how to use commercial landscaping to improve your retail properties.

Are your Trees Trimmed and Tidy?

When approaching any space, whether it’s a home, a rental property, or a retail space, the first thing people will see is the outdoor landscaping. This is their first impression of the space, as well as their first impression of the owner or manager. It says a lot about the type of person in charge of the space - are details important? Are they organized or sloppy? Is this someone I want to do business with? Landscaped areas are great at giving the first impression you want, if they are well-planned and well-maintained. Keeping the grass cut seems like an obvious step in how to use landscaping to improve the curb appeal of your retail properties. However, keeping shrubs and trees trimmed can be just as important.

Trees and shrubbery tend to dominate a landscaped area because they are the biggest features. If they become overgrown, they can give the area a look of sloppiness or neglect, and they can also block a potential client’s view of the space. If the sign for your retail property is blocked by overgrown tree branches, or shrubbery, someone might not know they are at the right place. Hiring a commercial landscaping company to maintain trees, shrubs, and grass is an easy solution. Having them come out on a set schedule means you don’t need to find time to maintain the space yourself. Give Bloom Lawn Care a call today to schedule your lawn care now that spring is in swing!

Pops of Color

Another way to use landscaping to improve the curb appeal of your retail properties is by adding pops of color. Most retail properties will have a sign out front so that customers know they are in the right place, but it’s important to have more color than just the signage. Plan landscaping that includes flowers or other plants that compliment the colors of the sign or building. These can easily be maintained along walkways or in planters. Using a landscaping company, like Bloom Lawn Care, means that you don’t need a green thumb or an eye for design to make your retail property pop. They know what plants will work for your space, depending on the colors you want and the amount of sunlight the space will get.

Clean Lines

Keeping your retail property looking sharp will attract potential customers. This can be achieved by making sure the space looks clean at all time. This includes making sure there is no trash, or overflowing trash cans. You should also take time to make sure the parking area looks good, with straight parking lines and well-maintained curbs. You can carry the pops of color out into the parking area with planter boxes. If your retail property has a grassy space, having it professionally cut will add an upscale look to the space with fresh-cut grass lines.

It’s easy to use landscaping to improve the curb appeal of your retail properties if you plan well. Take the guesswork out of the situation and give Bloom Lawn Care a call. We can work with you to make it the space of your dreams. And if design is not your strong suit, we can help you to create a plan that works with your budget and your space.

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