Use Outdoor LED Lighting to Light Your Yard

Well-done landscaping can turn a space from an eye-sore to a show-stopper and LED landscape lighting can add an extra element. If you are spending time and money making your space look good during the day, why not make it stand out at night as well? Here are some things to consider when planning the outdoor LED lighting for your outdoor space.

What do you want to illuminate?

LED Lighting

Before you can start installing any landscape lighting, you need to decide what you actually want to light up. Using light in your landscaping is a balancing act, because you don’t want to highlight everything with an LED light - that can make things look washed out. What makes an outdoor space catch your eye at night is how the lighting is used to create a dramatic effect with only a few features. So when planning your LED outdoor lighting, pick a few places that you want to stand out and focus your lighting on them. If you have some interesting architectural details in the front of your home, a cool statue, or a really interesting tree, those might be places to highlight with an LED light. Not only do you want to illuminate things that are of interest, but you will also want to consider safety. Lighting a path or a stairway is important to keep people from tripping or taking a misstep.

Tastefully installed LED outdoor lighting can transform a tricky walkway into a beautiful space. You can also add flood lights and motion-activated lights to help you keep an eye on your yard at night. The last place you want to consider installing LED lighting, and probably one of the most important places, is the front door. In order to make your home look welcoming to guests, your entryway needs to be well-lit. The lights act as a clear signal to visitors, telling them which entrance to go to. Entryways can be easily illuminated with one or two wall-sconce lights, or a hanging outdoor lamp.

LED lighting options

LED lights are better than traditional light bulbs because they are more energy efficient, they last longer, and they don’t contain mercury, which makes them environmentally friendly. When selecting which type of LED light to go with, each type of light is designed for a certain job.

There are quite few options: flood light - illuminate large spaces, path light - light walkways, pond light - for areas with water (can be submerged underwater), hardscape light - inserted on walls to bring out the textured look, well light - recessed into the ground to create a hidden spotlight, deck/step light - installed in the stairs or along a deck floor to illuminate a walkway, post light - a post that is inserted into the ground with a light on it (usually for lighting walkways)

Methods of lighting

Just like the types of LED lighting are varied, the methods used to light a space can also differ, depending on the effect you’re going for. When designing your lighting plan, think about what you want to highlight and then decide which method would achieve the best look.

Although there are more methods, these are the most popular:

  • Uplighting - spotlighting from the base of a large structure or tree
  • Silhouetting - place the light behind an object with an interesting shape (the light faces out towards viewers)
  • Shadowing - the opposite of silhouetting, the light faces the object and a shadow is cast on a wall behind the light
  • Moonlighting - place the light high up in a large tree and let it highlight the features below
  • Grazing - if you have rock walls or other textured features, the light is flush with the surface and creates a play of light and shadow
  • Path lighting - when lighting a path or walkway, it’s important to find balance

Don’t overdo things by adding too many light fixtures and try to alternate sides of the path if possible.

If you are having trouble deciding which LED lighting option to go with, or what method to use - consult Bloom Lawn Care. We have tons of experience designing and installing outdoor lighting and can help you determine which lights will work best in your space. Not only can we work with your existing lawnscape - we can also design a new outdoor space that incorporates tasteful lighting. What’s the point of having a beautiful landscape if you can’t take advantage of it at night as well? Outdoor LED lighting can create a safe and beautiful space when properly installed. Contact Bloom Lawn Care today to see how we can help you light up your lawn!

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