Our personal commitment and promise.

To: All existing customers, All Future Customers:

In 2018, Bloom started selling shares of the company to our leadership Team. In 2019, we became employee owned and operated as our founder exited the business from day to day operations and transitioned into a consulting role.

We are proud to work as a big team, where the work each of us does contributes directly to the success of this company! Every single member of our team adds incredible value to the company. We want to take the time to share our commitment to YOU the customer who writes the check. Without you, none of this would be possible.

We are honored that you are using or considering our company for landscaping services. You have made the right decisions for your landscape as well as a smart investment by choosing our firm. In today's world, there are many providers to choose from. By choosing to work with our company, you are choosing a local brand instead of a national company. Smart customers know they can get better value and better services from a local company. Our company is 100% locally owned, no investors, and it is not part of any franchise group or system. That means expensive royalties are NOT passed on to our customer as a cost of doing business. That means when you call for assistance you speak with our local office and not a far away centralized call center in another state, or in southeast Asia. That means we are committed to our community.

Welcome to the best choice for landscaping no matter if you are a Homeowners Association, Residential Home, Business, Retail Outlet, or 40 acre Apartment Home Community. We are your company. We are Hampton Roads premier landscaping contractor. Call us today at 757.759.5747 to see what we can do for you.

The following are key differentiators that make us stand out from other companies:

For COMMERCIAL contracts where our company manages your portfolio, we are offering:

Weekly Site Visitation Reports from our Account Manager

Our Account Manager inspects all properties after each visit to ensure the highest level of quality. A report can be generated that documents all services performed, anomalies, resolutions/follow ups to specific request, and so forth.

Owner-Operator Commitment

Even though we are employee owned, the employees (us) are the operators of the business. This company is run like a small business at the core, where the customer is the boss, and where daily challenges are resolved in the “shop”, meaning behind the garage that we have, or sometimes even outside while we lean on the trucks. We do things the old school way, and this is how we have the best quality, and remain close to our clients. The combination of local owner-operator commitment while leveraging national resources and systems gives us a significant competitive advantage in our industry. We know our clients by their name, not by a customer ID number that has to be looked up in the record. Our business is a people business as much as it is landscaping. In 2023, this is even more important as many companies have lost touch with their customers.

Customizable and Efficient Contracts

Each property is unique. We develop a custom maintenance plan for each site to ensure maximum efficiency for the customer. Our contract has itemized prices for each service which means the customer can opt out of certain services and/or exchange them for others.

Company Culture shaped around Consistent Service Delivery Model

Our team works with passion and pride. Every team member is assigned to a property and they take pride in the finished product. Quality services are a daily expectation not an exception. This is an integral part of our culture.

Other Standards that we maintain:

  • 24/7 emergency support and 8-5 M-F office receptionist. Management will return all calls within 6 hours.
  • Free shrub trimming at your request in between pruning visits. If you see an overgrown shrub calls us!
  • Trained and Safety Conscientious employees. We self-certify our people to use our state of the art equipment.
  • Drug Testing at least two times per year for all our people.
  • Clean and Identifiable Trucks and Employees. Just look for the really friendly folks in blue polo’s and khakis.
  • New State of the Art Equipment that undergoes rigorous maintenance to ensure superior performance.

As ambassadors and Stuarts and team members of Bloom Lawn + Landscaping, we are personally involved in the services rendered to your property to ensure that we hold ourselves to these high standards throughout the entire contract period. We will listen to your needs and give you expert advice that will ensure the greatest possible improvement in the appearance of your property while meeting budgetary restrictions.

WE genuinely look forward to partnering with YOU. WE are prepared to answer all your questions and provide suggestions to assist you in determining your lawn care and landscaping needs for this upcoming year.

Thank you in advance for your time. You can contact us anytime by calling our office at 757.759.5747.

The Bloom Management Team. 2023.

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