Bloom began with the founders (Daniel Plawski) dissatisfaction and lack of reliability in the landscaping market, why there was not a company out there that people could trust and rely on.  There seemed to be a lack of talent, there was few firms who could truly transform properties.  Founded in 2008, Bloom began serving a niche market of homes in Tabb (Yorktown) Virginia but quickly became the Peninsula's premier commercial landscape service company, successfully partnering with local and state governments agencies and commercial property owners and managers across Hampton Roads . In 2011, Bloom sold off the "lawn mowing, lawn maintenance" portion of the business to better focus on commercial clients, and landscape design and build for residential customers.  



Bloom launched online based platform for lawn care which gained national attention as the first ever website tool that allowed instant online pricing by pulling parcel data and images and converting them to a quote.   This quickly turned into a startup called Mowzart and later Lawnwizard.   After getting on the National spotlight the technology and trademarks were sold to a competitor as further development and growth was not the vision and strategy Peninsula had in mind.  Monetary instruments from the sale of Lawnwizard were used to quickly expand Bloom into three locations serving all of Hampton Roads and other markets by 2015.


Bloom became one of the industry’s fastest growing and most awarded commercial landscaping companies, proudly serving more than 500 customers across Hampton Roads.


Bloom set out a new vision for operations.  Today size is no longer important to us.  We don't want to be the Walmart of landscaping.   We are no longer interested in being the largest landscaping company, instead we are focusing on turning into the best company and the one that consistently provides reliable services and real value to our clients.

"We’re at our best with customers who have larger or complex landscaping needs for their properties, and where their landscaping has important meaning to them - it’s a key part of their brand expression and a statement of their quality. Our customers receive great service, results and value from us, and equally appreciate us for what we do. Their properties look fantastic and generate noticeable ‘wows’. They are truly interested in forming a long term strategic partnership that is win-win."


Now Bloow Lawn & Landscaping, we also manage several key regional accounts in both Virginia and other States where local companies are used to perform the work and our firm acts as the broker and manager.  

Headquartered in Yorktown Virginia with satellite offices in both Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, our regional focus extends across Southeastern Virginia with secondary market presence in Richmond and the Eastern North Carolina Region including the Outer banks.  

We are committed to making certain that we deliver consistently professional services, aligned with our company’s service standards and values.

We look forward to continuing to serve our valued clients and expand our service offerings to new clients, for years to come.

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