Want to partner with our company? Our company is always accepting new inquires from vendors who have amazing products at great prices. Our purchasing department has more details and you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In general, we recommend you read the below information so that you are submitting your service and product offering based on our purchasing needs. Our firm has several areas where we are constantly looking for new product. Read below also to see what our values are, and what we expect from our partners.

For 2023, our firm is looking for the following:

We strongly prefer to work directly with growers, factories, manufacturers as we wish to have the best prices so we can have the most competitive pricing for our clients as well. We will work with distributors only if we are unable to find primary line sourcing.

USA manufacturers of lighting products with both parts and assembly that are USA sourced. We are seeking firms that are within the United States to supply landscaping lights by the pallet (at least 200 lights per order)

Virginia local growers of plant materials, home based business OKAY. Do you own a local farm? Are you growing Japanese Maples in your backyard and wish to sell them? If so contact us today to see how you can become a BLOOM grower. We love small suppliers, we love small business, and most of all we love local so if you are growing plants in the area, WE WANT TO KNOW MORE. Please note we prefer to buy in bulk quantities where most orders would be at least $1000.00.

Virginia, North Carolina, and Nearby Stone Quarries – if you have stone material you wish to sell, please contact us and send us what you have available with pictures and quantities, our customers are always looking for quality stone products.

Paver Manufacturing Plants- if you are a paver manufacturer or factory and wish to sell your pallets by the truck (22 ton truck) please message us today. We want to source as close as possible to home so that shipping costs are reduced, and we reduce gas usage, road hazard exposure, while benefiting the local community. If you are just starting out with cement molds, be sure to contact us to we can advise you on the most popular color, shape and density that is required by our customers. We love to support new businesses. The American Economy needs you!

Recycled Red Bricks – If you have a demo project or wish to have red bricks removed, we have a niche of clients that love them (as do we) and we wish to purchase them from you. Please give us a call if you have red bricks that we can pick up.

Recycled Norfolk Cobbler – if you have surplus Norfolk cobbler we wish to place a bid on your lot.

Used Pallets – we accept used pallets, although we are not able to make payments on them.


One of our target goals in 2023 is to become a Sustainable company. As such, we give preference to vendors who exhibit an interest in sustainability, and who are doing things in a way to move in the direction of sustainable manufacturing, sustainable sourcing, and sustainable operations of their business. Recycle, reuse, and emphasis on fuel consumption reduction, reduction of road usage. We don’t want to sound like crazy tree huggers, but now it’s a really big deal to us as we strive to lead by example and be a responsible company. Unfortunately landscaping companies produce a lot of waste and burn a lot of fuel, and we are some of the lease environmentally friendly companies. We cant build a sustainable future if we don’t start paying attention to our daily routines and that includes the way we purchase. Our purchasing habits have some of the greatest impact on our carbon footprint.

Locally Sourced

The closer to home the better. If we are planting stuff to make our planet greener, but we are shipping shrubs from 1200 miles away, all the good these plants will do will be erased as the delivery to bring them to their location will create more carbon than these plants will ever eliminate. WE HAVE TO SOURCE LOCAL! Our company is therefore most interested to source from nurseries and growers that are located within a 25 mile range of our location.

Stone is another example…. Many of our customers have recently been requesting Mexican beach pebble. The cost per ton of beach pebble is $150.00 but the transportation is $650 per ton. This product ends up costing $800 per ton. A full semi truck will burn over 1000 gallons of fuel to deliver 22 tons of this rock from Mexico to Virginia. Meanwhile, if the customer chooses to purchase local rock from Virginia, the fuel usage can be as low as 50 gallons to bring in a 22 ton truck from the Appalachian Region. Not only does this benefit our economy, in this case we reduced fuel usage by 950 gallons! The customer also saved thousands and thousands of dollars. This is why sourcing local is imperative. We understand that sometimes you want to splurge on something more exotic, but the plant and your wallet will thank you if you do something local. We can find products to match, that will almost look the same.

Local cities we wish to source from

Many of our growers are located in remote places and small towns. Here is a list of the places we are always looking in . If you are a plant grower from one of these nearby regions, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and send us your plant selection, sizes, and pictures of your operation. We would love to talk with you even if you are just getting started. We source from: Yorktown, Williamsburg, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Gloucester, Toano, King George, Suffolk, Smithfield, Pungo, Elizabeth City, Richmond, James City County, Wake County, Windsor, Ise of Wight, Battery Park, Rushmere Zuni, Franklin, Benns Church, Great Bridge, Pleasant Grove West, Sandbridge, Holy Neck, Walters, Sedley, Rushmere, Alliance, Surry, Claremont, Weyanoke, Rustic, Jamestown, The meadows, Grove, Westover, Berkeley, Bermuda Hundred, Kimages, Charles City, Sherwood Forest, Holdcraft, Binns Hall, Ruthville, Roaches Corner, Barnetts, Wayside, Granville, West Point, Hopewell, Concord, Ware Neck, bellview, West End, Plum Point, Milton, Victory Hall, Maryus, Severn, Achilles, Lands End, Naxera, Selden, Schley, Mobjack, Bavon, New Point, Susan, Sarah, Onemo, Beaverlett, Miles, Tabernacle, Bethel Beach, Ware Neck, Glen Roy Estates, Deltaville, Gwynn, Diggs, Pinero, Wake, Palmer, Westland, Foxwells, Urbana, Hardings, Sandy Point, Fleeton, Kilmarnock, Lancaster, Tidewater, King William, New Kent, Quinton, Deltaville, Matthews, Saluda, Waverly, Cape Charles, Eastville, Machipongo, Exmore, Onanock, Moyock, Knotts Island, Gates, Sunbury.

If your city or county is not on this list and you are unsure please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in becoming landscaping material supplier.

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