Bloom has been performing landscaping projects in Chesapeake Virginia since 2010. If you live in the beautiful city of Chesapeake and need landscaping call us today at 757 759 5747. We service the needs of houses, HOA’s, apartment communities and businesses.

Western Brach, Chesapeake Landscaping- - if you live in Western Branch and the surrounding areas, give us a call today. We have done work it the majority of communities here and we are ready to help with your landscaping needs.

Chesapeake Waterfront Landscaping – If you live on one of the waterways of Chesapeake such as the Elizabeth River or North Landing River, gives us a call today. We have the knowledge and experienced to help get your waterfront landscaping project approved with the Chesapeake Bay Protection Board. Our landscaping design experts will ensure the right mitigation is done to get your plans approved!

Great Bridge, Chesapeake, Virginia. If you live in Great Bridge, give us a call today. We have been helping homeowners in Great Bridge since early 2010’s. Top services in Great Bridge include paver installation, LED lighting, landscape design, and paver outdoor kitchens and living spaces.


Top 6 Services for our Chesapeake Virginia Customers:

  1. Paver Patio and Kitchen Installation
  2. Paver Circle Kit with fireplace.
  3. Paver Retention Wall
  4. Landscaping Bed, convert mulch to river rock
  5. Shrub removal and replacement with low maintenance shrubs.
  6. LED landscape lighting installation.

Other Services that are popular in Chesapeake Virginia.

  1. Lawn aeration and seeding (fall months only, call ahead)
  2. Drainage Solutions including French drains and grading
  3. Sod Installation, we install both Bermuda and Fescue in Chesapeake.
  4. Tree Canopy Reduction- recently we have been doing more of these as some of the trees in our communities start to mature and get too large.
  5. Landscaping cleanup- general cleanups are popular 365 days of the year.
  6. Landscaping renovation- also popular year round. (call us in winter for best pricing)
  7. Waterfront Landscaping- not as much as other cities such as Suffolk or Williamsburg, however we have a fair share of clients come to us each year where waterfront landscaping installation is required and mitigation work has to be done.

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