Bloom has been performing landscaping projects in Norfolk Virginia since 2010. If you live in Norfolk and need landscaping call us today. We service the needs of houses, HOA’s, apartment communities and businesses. If you need a quote for a landscaping maintenance contract give us a call today

Top Services in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • Paver patio installation
  • Paver kitchen installation
  • Paver driveway installation
  • Drainage solution
  • Yard drainage solution
  • French drain contractor
If you live in Norfolk call us today, we provide free estimates. 757 759 5747. Thank you for considering Bloom Lawn + Landscaping.

Communities in Norfolk Virginia we serve:

All of them, we provide our services to all zip codes. Bloom does work in the zip codes of Norfolk. We do have customer concentrations in certain communities where our services have been exceptionally popular. Below are some of the Norfolk communities where we have recently done landscaping work.

East Beach, Norfolk, Virginia. This is a newer luxury lifestyle community. Bloom was first approached by the homeowners association to service the common areas in 2014. While most common areas are maintained by the master contract, certain homeowners may wish to install additional landscaping features. Bloom will work with the HOA to get approval and get your landscape plans going!

Bay Breeze Point, Norfolk- located right behind the exclusive East beach community, Bloom provides services here, top projects in 2021 and 2022 included drainage, LED lighting, spring cleanup, and paver walkways

Boush Bluffs, Norfolk, Virginia. Bloom provides Landscaping services here since 2010. Most popular services include waterfront landscaping, paver patio installation, drainage, and LED landscape lights.

Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia. Bloom provides Landscaping services here since 2010. Most popular services are the same for the area in general. Many of the homes are located on the water and also require drainage solutions. Services here include waterfront landscaping, paver patio installation, drainage, and LED landscape lights.

Larchmont/ Edgewater - Services here include waterfront landscaping, paver patio installation, drainage, and LED landscape lights, we have also recently installed a paver driveway here.

Studeley Avenue, Eleanor Court, Ghent Norfolk- Bloom has recently performed landscaping projects here.


Colonial Place, Norfolk- Bloom has performed landscaping services here over the years.

Beachwood Park, Norfolk, - These are truly spectacular historic homes that include Mowbray Arch, Colonial Avenue, overlooking the Botetourt Foot Bridge and the Hague. Top services here include paver repair, paver driveway additions, colonial landscaping, and paver patio renovation. Bloom has also installed a drainage system here in 2021.

Downtown Norfolk – Urban landscaping, rooftop landscaping,

Lafayette Shores, Norfolk – Bloom performs landscaping in this newer community of luxury homes. Some of the properties here are located on the river, but with limited deepwater access

Windsor Point, Norfolk- this is a small community located near Lafayette Shores. Bloom has only done one landscaping project here. There are less than two dozen luxury homes here

West Belvedere, Norfolk - upscale community on the Lafayette River. Bloom has performed at least one landscaping project here over the years, the installation of a paver patio

East Belvedere, Norfolk – located across Grandy St in front of Trinity Lutheran Church. Bloom has helped at least two homeowners here with drainage.

Riverpoint, Norfolk- Bloom provides services in Riverpoint, Norfolk.

Cromwell Farms, Norfolk- Bloom provides services in Cromwell Farms, Norfolk. Top services have been pool deck paver installation and drainage solutions.

Algonquin, Norfolk - Bloom provides services here since 2012. Top services include waterfront landscaping.

Urban Landscaping in Norfolk Virginia

Rooftop Landscaping: Over the years Bloom has received request for urban landscaping and rooftop landscaping from certain clients in the downtown Norfolk area. These requests have mostly come from Apartment communities, hotels, and restaurants. We became curious about this concept when roof top gardens really took off around the 2012 to 2016 time frame. Bloom has installed several rooftop gardens, ranging in difficulty from easy to very challenging. The most basic rooftop garden concept includes installation of a paver or ceramic tile surface, structural support verification, safety considerations. Bloom has installed LED roof top lighting, artificial turf is very popular on rooftops as its easy to clean and it doesn’t have a lot of weight so it can be installed with no reinforcements in most cases . For installation of plant material on rooftops, we generally recommend large planters rather than built in beds. We have some great options for large planters… and best of all, we know based on our experience working with rooftop landscaping which plants will make it , and which ones wont!

Urban Landscaping - We have performed a large number of urban landscaping installation projects. Most of these have been with larger commercial properties such as Apartment Communities located in downtown areas in Hampton, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. This work has included the installation of paver sidewalks (including one project where we installed over a mile of clay brick sidewalk). Our firm has also installed drainage solutions, multi block landscaping (this is where we install the same landscaping to a building, and the property owner has 10 buildings on different blocks) these are almost always apartment communities.

Urban landscaping requires understanding of foot traffic, dog urination and how it impacts plants, as well as safety considerations. If stones are installed, will they be used as projectiles to break windows? Are shrubs hardy enough to prevent people from entering and trampling landscape bed? There are many considerations to be made in urban environments. We have done so many of these projects over the years all over Hampton Roads and in Richmond (and now Fairfax) that we know the best solutions, so that you are satisfied with your landscaping investment. Urban Landscaping from Bloom. Call 757 759 5747 for a free consultation.

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