Poquoson is also known as Bulls Island and a small independent city that is one of the most relaxing places to live and work in all of Hampton Roads. If youre not from the area, you’re not gonna get it. This place has a certain feel, it has character, and it has money, and it still has that small town feel, yet is just 10 minutes to an airport, and major highway and shopping centers. Poquoson has a rich history dating back 300 years as the area was once inhabited by native Americans and thus to this day retains its old name. Bloom’s former office (when we were Peninsula Landscaping) was actually just 300 feet from the Poquoson line, therefore we always had many customers from Poquoson. Some of our team members live in Poquoson. While many of the residents are hands on DYI people, and love doing their own landscaping, we have many customers in different sections of Poquoson that rely on Bloom for various landscaping projects including drainage, patio installation, river rock, and salt tolerant landscaping installation. Bloom has performed many landscaping projects in Poquoson over the years. If you are in Poquoson, be sure to visit the annual Poquoson Seafood Festival, it draws people from all over!

Poquoson most popular work we do : drainage, rip rap installation, paver patio with outdoor kitchen, landscaping for new construction. For 2023, we already have on the books, several projects for installing pavers, river rock, palm trees, and LED landscape lighting! We are doing projects in Poquoson almost on a daily basis!


Paver Patio on Waterfront Properties- Poquoson.

If you live in Poquoson there is a good chance that you live on the water. With this privilege comes responsibility. There is a lot of regulation as to what you can do and can’t do on a waterfront property, especially when it comes to things like patios, outdoor areas, as they impact drainage. You cannot just install a patio as you please in your backyard…. If you do and you get caught, it can result in serious fines and you may even have to tear your patio out! But don’t worry. If you don’t want to deal with permits, and filling out paperwork, we can do it all for you, and we have helped other homeowners in the area obtain permits for construction in wetland areas and waterfront properties that is subject to the strict regulation of the Chesapeake Bay Board preservation Act. So if you have a waterfront landscaping vision for your home in Poquoson, but don’t know how to start with the permits process, give us a call and we will help!

What communities do we serve in Poquoson?

All of them! Poquoson doesn’t have as many “HOA”s as other cities such as Williamsburg where 95% of homes are located in a chartered community. Poquoson is a little bit more free spirited, large luxury homes can be mixed in with older smaller homes. This unique mix gives the area character. As of January 2023, we have performed over 223 projects in Poquoson to date.

We do not want to disclose addresses to protect our customers privacy, however we share below the roads we have done work on in Poquoson:

Poquoson Avenue, Poquoson

Messick Road, Poquoson

North Lawson Road, Poquoson

Church Street, Poquoson

Riverview Drive, Poquoson

Cedar Road, Poquoson

W Laydon Way, Poquoson

Windy Point Drive, Poquoson,

Henley Way, Poquoson

Beach Road, Poquoson

Twin Creek Road, Poquoson

Sandy Bay Dr. Poquoson

Bayview Drive, Poquoson

Harbour View Dr. Poquoson

Bessies Landing Dr. Poquoson

Woodland Drive. Poquoson

Rivergate Drive. Poquoson

Freemoor Drive, Poquoson

Dryden Drive, Poquoson

Jefferson Ct. Poquoson

Ferguson Streeet, Poquoson

These are just some of the roads/communities we have done work at. Bloom first started working in Poquoson as Peninsula Landscaping back in 2006.

If you need a quote call us at 757 759 5747. We are at your service!

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