Arbor Care

We have a specialized tree crew to take care of all your tree removal needs. That being said, we are not a Tree Removal company by default and we offer this service typically as part of a package deal. For larger projects we will typically involve other landscaping companies. Our team can remove multiple trees with efficiency and speed ensuring minimal disturbance to residents. Our insurance policy is one of the best in the market and your home is covered up to 5 million for total peace of mind.

Our approach to tree removal is a little bit different. Our company has changed, and we are now more conscious than before about the impact our work has on our planet. When removing trees, we want to ensure that we mitigate the impacts that the removal has. We also want to ensure all work done is in harmony with the community, or at least that mitigation is done to ensure that there is no negative impact on surrounding properties. In this case, we have the following as our recommendations for tree removal that we recommend all of our tree removal customers review.


  1. Check local and state laws. Ensure that removal of trees and shrubs is complaint with codes, ordinances, DEQ, and other government agencies empowered by the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act. Often times if your property is located on the water, tree removal is very illegal and can result in very large fines. Some of these fines can be as high as $10,000 and we have heard of cases where people removed multiple trees, and the fines went up to $50,000 (with multiple trees) and the homeowner had to replant large trees. The homeowner had to remortgage their home to pay the fines. Many of our clients have homes on the James and York River. If your home is located on a body of water, then we will need to get full approvals and perform mitigation work in order to remove trees. If you wish to proceed without correct permits you will have to go with another company, many of who will be happy to do it on a Saturday or Sunday when the county and city agents are not on duty. We strongly recommend against this.. doing it the right way instead, as the fines are just too high, and after all, the intent is to create a nicer Chesapeake Bay with clear blue water and lots of happy wildlife…. Isn’t that what we all want? Getting removal permits is not as complicated as you think, and our company will take care of the permit process for you. We will soon be putting up a blog that goes over rules and regulations, the expert guide to landscaping on the water for waterfront homes. (Our Guide to getting APPROVED for your waterfront project)
  2. HOA Rules- Certain HOA’s have rules regarding tree removal, that deal mostly with aesthetics. Be sure to check with your HOA board or property manager. While HOA’s will not be as strict as the Chesapeake Bay Board, communication is a great way to ensure good relationships with the elected board members and others.
  3. Talk to your Neighbors – One of the beautiful things about our area is that we are a close community. When performing tree removal, we recommend that you talk to your neighbors to ensure that they are comfortable with the change. Sometimes, removing a tree may expose their backyard, may expose their house to traffic, or may have some other impact. If this is the case, planning to install privacy shrubs in place may be a good way to keep everyone happy after the tree is removed. Your neighbor may even be willing to pay for the purchase price of the shrubs if you install them to give screening… we have seen this happen many times.
  4. Bundle with Neighbors on Services- volume means purchase power. If you bundle work with others on your street, you will be sure to see significant savings that could end up thousands of dollars. Lets run some numbers. If homeowner A calls to have one large tree removed, the price may be $2000.00 and that covers the fee to remove the tree and also dispatch two trucks. If homeowner B next door has two trees to remove, their quote would be $3000, as the second tree is less expensive. Now if both homeowners bundle, the total cost would be $3500.00 for all three trees as everything can be done with one visits, meaning that the trucks only have to come out once and can take of everything. That means less drive time, less time the workers spend staring into the windshield, and less risk exposure on our highways. A WIN-WIN. The savings in this case are in the thousands of dollars. The best way to do tree removal is to do it in as a community, in blocks, call your tree company and have them price multiple properties with one visit, the purchasing power savings can be as high as 50% , meaning thousands of dollars. Not only do we see savings, we also cut how much fuel was used, and we reduced traffic by doing a bundle deal. It’s a WIN WIN for the entire community.
  5. Erosion Mitigation- removing a tree can lead to erosion problems as trees have extensive root system that keep soil in place. If you are on a sloped lot, this is especially important. Erosion mitigation may include installing paver walls, river rock, ground cover shrubs and grasses. Our company will be better able to recommend solutions specific to your property. If the area has shade for example, we do not recommend to install grasses as they will not do very well, unless there are shade loving grasses such as liriope. If you have deep shade, chances are you are near the woods and that means you also have deer. If you have deer then the plants will have to be both deer resistant and shade loving…. The list gets really small here as to what will work for ground cover so be sure you are installing things that will work.
  6. Stump Removal. – removing trees is so expensive that considering other costs such as cleanup, grading, stump removal, is often overlooked, but as a general rule, you should budget an equal amount of money for stump removal, grading, cleanup, and installation of new plant material or turf. Stump removal is often times not done correctly, and as it’s underground it cant be seen. Stumps will not go away on their own. They do have to be removed otherwise it could take years and years. If the sump is in a wooden area that will be converted to beds, then you can plant shrubs around it and play into the natural feel, but in the majority of cases the stump will have to be removed.
  7. Loss of Shade – consider that removing trees can expose your home to more sun and thus cause an increase in your cooling bill during the summer months. Trees actually have a very big impact on cooling, and homes that are in full sun have much higher cooling bills than homes located in shaded areas.
  8. Consider replanting smaller trees- there are trees that don’t shed leaves, there are trees that never get more than 15 feet tall, there are trees that are narrow. If you are removing trees, consider also installing new smaller trees that will better fit your landscape based on the vision you have for your yard. Our company is happy to recommend trees for your property that will be smaller and easy to maintain.

Snow Services

We are the largest and most capable snow service provider in Hampton Roads serving 100’s of large accounts. Our capability includes over 35 well running plow trucks. As of 2023, we only offer snow removal to commercial customers. We do not provide snow removal for residential homes, unless its part of a larger community contract. We are proud to provide snow removal services to some of our areas hospitals, clinics, retail shopping centers, power plants, and other facilities that require 24/7 access during the toughest winter conditions.

We understand snow removal as risk mitigation and necessary logistics support.

Our company offers 24/7 snow services to industrial and commercial logistics terminals.

Our snow removal is a separate division, one that is highly system oriented with best practices that are commonly used in more snowy areas such as new jersey, pennsulvania, ohio, and others. These regions experience lots of snow and winter conditions as such those companies have the best systems in place to deal with snow. Our firm has worked closely with two of our northern partners to ensure that our operations closely match those of those in the north.

Clients Served:

Retail, Industrial, Terminals, Shopping Centers, Mall, Hospital, Strip Mall, University, HOA, small retail such as Ihop, Burger King, Starbucks, Large Retail such as Khols, Home Depot, Farm Fresh, Tractor Supply. Government such as DMV building, government office and multi use buildings.

Bloom Lawn + Landscaping does not offer snow removal for residential homes unless they are part of an Estate maintenance program. Our starting rate for snow removal is $500.00 per visit. We charge a minimum of two hours.

Locations Served:

We provide snow removal services for the entire SE Virginia, Richmond, and Northern North Carolina. Due to our recent expansion, we have offered snow removal services in Fairfax, NOVA, Dulles, as part of a statewide multi site contract. If you have a multi-site bid you would like us to price please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you a proposal.

Cities we serve with snow removal: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Glouster, Toano, King and Queen, Smithfield, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Pungo, Kitty Hawk and Outer Banks, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, Toano, King George, James City County, and many others. For a complete list of where Bloom offers snow removal please contact us at 757 759 5747.


Training, Training, and more Training.

This is where our company completely stands our from our competitors in the Virginia Market. For some reason, people have the misconception that snow removal capability is based on how many trucks and how many plows a company has. Off course, without this equipment a company cannot remove snow, however training on equipment usage is imperative to ensure operations that are both effective and secure. I’m not sure if we have to state the obvious, but putting inexperienced untrained crews on plow trucks can result in some really serious damage to parking lots, parking blocks, speed bumps, damage to concrete curbs, asphalt surfaces, adjacent vehicles, and off course landscape beds. And the snow may not be removed… and the conditions may be even more unsafe! Our company begins training staff for the upcoming season as early as July when we perform “dry runs” where crews outline parking lots with the plow in preparation for the event. GPS systems are used to track patterns, ensure efficiency, and ensure correct usage of equipment. Sites are analyzed in detail so that equipment is dispatched where it will be most efficient. Training a member of our team to use a plow truck that usually takes about two weeks of combined time (so 80 hours), and even under emergency situations, this process can be shorted but the crew member will still need at least one week of training. Our company performs this training in blocks, for example a crew leader will be trained for 8 hours per week, for a period of five weeks. The first three weeks will be site analysis, theory, and best practices, followed by 16 hours in the field operating equipment and performing “dry runs” . I don’t think any other company in our market has such an extensive process in place, but this is why our company is the #1 snow removal firm in our region. The training process for many local companies appears to be… okay let that guy practice on this large parking lot. Practicing on a large parking lot is okay, however at least 40 hours of non-event training, as is our standard, creates such a big difference in capability. One well trained snow plow operator can do the work of three poorly trained operators.

Technology – not just the GPS…. But having sensors and backup camera that prevents accidents. If you are shopping mall owner or manager, the last thing you want to do is deal with insurance claims and upset car owners who have had their vehicles baked into by the snow removal company. Our GPS tracking system is so accurate that we can see where each truck is, at any given moment, with an accuracy of about 8 feet! So we can see how the driver outlined the parking lot, what pattern they used, if they did enough runs, or if they did too many runs that resulted in lost time. The technology is another one of those items, that having it is not enough. In depth training on the use of this technology ensures its value, and that it has a significant impact on the success of the snow removal operation. Technology is always changing and staying up to date is also important. Some of the new technology for example tracks how much ice melt is applied to ensure its not wasted, and that enough is applied for results. This takes into account things such as parking lot surface temperature, 24 and 48 hours forecast including precipitation, wind speed, everything. All these things impact operations. If there is a warm wind for example….but the ground is frozen, or if there is a cold wind that is sub 30 degrees, but the parking lot surface temperature is very warm at 48 degrees, the application of ice melt will be radically different and in different quantities. Our advanced technology helps us determine best rates which are then also compared with traditional common sense practices giving us a bulletproof process that is correct every time and gets the parking lots clean! So much detail right? Its not just throwing down “salt” as some people say, its an ART and a SCIENCE!

Slip and Fall Prevention

The average slip and fall settlement is now about $75,000, while the insurance company will usually pay this out, it will surely raise your insurance rate and can make it more difficult to find an insurance company later on. The cost to an apartment community or retail shopping center could be devastating. A single slip and fall can raise insurance costs by $5000 per year at renewal… so this slip and fall over a 10 year period can cost the property owner $50,000 Not just that, but its really bad business. If you have a lot of elderly people at your property, the right thing to do is ensure that you have very good snow removal to protect them, don’t cheap out on snow removal. If you are a shopping center owner, then you know that some of your tenants will wish to be open even if there is 3 inches of snow on the ground, and it is usually going to be your responsibility to provide them access. The last thing you want is a tenant rejecting a price increase at lease renewal because they think snow removal services are not adequate. We know it’s expensive to remove snow, but its worth the cost if you have great tenants and you want them to know that their location is well maintained, and that includes emergency services and accessibility. If your tenants are 24/7 centers such as a clinic or other operations center that has staff coming and in and out, then Bloom is the best solution as we have the capability and experience to maintain this type of property.

If you want a quote please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 757 597 4631.

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