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Hampton Roads LED Landscape Lighting Contractor

Do you want to make your property shine? At Bloom Lawn + Landscaping we pride ourselves in our ability to make your home or business look its absolute best by adding lighting to bring everything to life. We provide our clients with the highest quality LED and traditional outdoor lighting fixtures to guarantee satisfaction. We design and install professional grade outdoor/landscape lighting systems to meet our customer's specific needs and goals. We also offer package deals bringing you best value in LED outdoor landscape lighting.

Bloom has provided effective lighting solutions for commercial and residential properties since 2010. Our main areas of focus include landscape lighting design and installation, custom lighting design as well as lighting repair and maintenance services. We offer a broad range of services to meet nearly any of your lighting needs.

In 2023, we have partnered with a LED lighting factory to bring factory direct pricing directly to our customers. We have sourced the highest quality lights that were available in the region. Please be sure to check our selection by visiting our showroom at 2911 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Yorktown, VA 23693.

Dedicated Lighting Team

LED outdoor landscape lighting is a core business for us, and we have a dedicated crew. You can count on our experience and know how to install a system that will last for many years to come. Call us today for a free quote and LED landscape lighting demo. We are the LED landscape lighting experts in Hampton Roads Virginia.

Home Outdoor Lighting Designs

Not only do we install your home outdoor lighting for you, but we can design it as well! Our experts can put together a design for your home or business outdoor lighting that is not only professional but is also practical. Ask us about our DEMO kits so you can see how the lights will look before they are installed.

Premium Outdoor Lighting for Hampton Roads, VA

At Bloom we believe that outdoor lighting is more than simply adding external lights to your property. To us, outdoor lighting is an art and statement of luxury. Our premium lighting designs require design knowledge, expertise, practical application and quality products.

Our design/build team has a combined 55 years experience serving cities like Virginia Beach, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk and many more! We cater to both residential and commercial properties. Throughout our 10 years, we have focused exclusively on architectural and landscaping lighting. Our passion, experience and focus works together to provide you, our valued customer, with the highest level of service in outdoor and landscape lighting installation.

Can't decide between LED and Halogen?

Bloom is pleased to present LED Lighting solutions for your lighting system. LED solutions use a fraction of the energy consumed by conventional halogen light bulbs. This energy efficient lighting solution lasts approximately 30 times longer than halogen lighting and still gives the warm white glow of halogen.

LED lighting is available in a variety of color temperatures to better suit different applications, which gives Bloom much more flexibility in designing the perfect layout for your home, as well as brings out specific details of your home and landscape.


Call us today if you wish to see if its possible to update the light bulb, without replacing the entire fixture. This is a great update to your light system that will also help reduce your energy bill.

How much less do LED’s use… the numbers…

A traditional fixture may use between 15 and 50 watts. The new LED’s use between 1 and 4 watts. So if your system has 10 fixtures, it will use up to 40 watts, that’s less than one of those old school lightbulbs.

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Solutions

  • Energy Saving: An LED light bulb utilizes 10% of the energy of a typical light bulb. 90% of electricity goes to producing the heat needed to light a halogen and only 10% goes to the actual light. – The opposite is true for LED; more of the electricity used goes to the actual light not the heating process.
  • Money Saving: LED lamps use a significantly less amount of energy than halogen, so you will not even notice a blip on your electric bill. Also, LEDs will last longer than a halogen lamp, so you will not be spending much on replacement bulbs
  • Planet Friendly: When you take into account the fact that LED lighting solutions can be recycled and contain no mercury, their environmental benefits are clear.

Ready to See the LED Difference?

Bloom will walk you through our catalog of products to find the perfect lighting solutions for your home or business – whether you are accenting a stone wall or up lighting your landscape, we will find the best solution for you. Additionally, we can convert previously installed halogen systems and to LED while using your current fixtures.

Landscape Lighting Tip's from the Pro's @ Bloom Lawn + Landscape

  • Avoid using solar lights from Home Depot and Lowes. These Chinese made plastic cheapo’s don't last, don't work if it's cloudy, and won't work in shade areas, or be very dim. Solar lights emit only 3-5% of the light that a modern LED fixture emits. That means even a 3 watt LED is 20x stronger than a solar light. The home depot Solar lights never seem to stand up right and can make your yard look tacky. Save yourself the cost and invest in a real LED lighting system instead. Do it the right way, or wait until you have the money to do it the right way, but don’t go out and waste money on a cheap system that will just be tacky.
  • You don't need an electrician to install low voltage landscape lighting. Because the system is LOW VOLTAGE, it can be installed by you or a landscape professional.
  • Get a bigger transformer just in case you decide to add more lights in the future. Transformers that come with an extra 50 or 100 watt capacity will often times cost just a few dollars more.
  • Install two transformers if needed (front and back) to save on wire, this will have no impact on the quality of your LED outdoor lighting system.

This is the Bloom Standard of Installation.

  1. Before we begin any installation, Bloom will order a Miss Utility Marking of you property one week prior to make sure we locate any buried cables. This will mark Gas and Electric cables (Phone, Cable, and Internet are optional and up to the provider if they are marked).
  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to mark where sprinkler lines or any aftermarket items (Gate Openers, Security Camera, or Water Softer etc.) are located. If you are aware of their locations or have a map please provide that to us before work begins. You can also flag any special areas or let our install people know.
  3. On the day of the installation, Bloom will arrive and ensure all the fixtures are still in place where they are to be installed. Once we are sure that everything is in place correctly we will begin trenching where all of the power lines will run and place the home run boxes in strategic areas in the yard.
  4. For the lines in the grass we trench a minimum of 6-8 inches to ensure these wires are well below the surface and protected from yard aeration. Our method of trenching is the least invasive method and we will leave your yard looking like it did before we arrived.
  5. Once everything is hooked up and installed, our technicians will go back over all of the lines and make sure the grass is placed back in the same place it was removed from, leaving very little visible marks, if any at all.
  6. Before we leave, Bloom will ensure all fixtures are clear of debris, aimed correctly, and power is running from the transformer as it should be, not too high, not too low. We will also set the timer to your desired on/off setting and make sure the yard and beds look like we were never there.

Why use Bloom for your lighting?

Bloom is Hampton Roads 1st choice when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting. We provide residential and commercial design, installation and maintenance services in the landscape lighting industry. We have been featured in magazines such as Turf. Design. Build and have a reputation of quality to give you peace of mind. We provide our customers with clear, bright, innovative and affordable outdoor lighting solutions.

A few questions to consider when choosing a qualified landscape lighting contractor...

  • Do you offer a warranty on products? If so, how do I know you will honor it?
  • Where are the products you use made? Are they made in the USA?
  • Do you use anti-corrosive fixtures like SOLID Copper and Brass?
  • Do you use proper connections like copper crimps with grease tubes?
  • How long have you been installing landscape lighting?
  • Have you installed larger projects such as Hospital or entrances to communities?
  • Do you have a list of referrals?
  • Do you turn around you quotes in a timely fashion? When can I expect a quote?
  • Do you use the hub system to ensure proper voltage at each fixture?
  • Are your transformers and fixtures ETL or UL listed?
  • Do you offer any warranty on your LED bulbs?
  • Can the bulb me changed out or do I need to change the entire fixture?
  • Show me the fixture! Please ensure you actually see and feel what is being installed. Pictures cab be deceiving. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting!
  • Are you insured and do your employees have workers compensation?
  • Are you just doing this on the side? I see that you came to do my quote with a lawn mower in the back of your truck….. are you a landscape lighting company?
  • Are you a electrician that does home wiring and lighting, or are you a landscape lighting expert that does mostly outdoor low voltage systems?
  • Show me a copy of your business license.
  • Please send me a copy of your valid unexpired, current year insurance certificate along with your quote.

Why Should You Choose Bloom?

  • Competitive warranty on all of our outdoor lighting systems
  • We use proudly Made in the USA products for all our LED fixtures!
  • Your choice of Solid brass, copper, or black stainless steel fixtures.
  • We offer both traditional timers for ease of use or digital and astronomic for those who want something more automatic.
  • We utilize the hub method which ensures proper voltage & prevents wicking
  • Personal, on-time, courteous service, backed by 15 years of experience working in our area.
  • All projects designed and verified by certified Outdoor Lighting Designer
  • Over 55 combined years' experience in the landscape lighting industry.
  • Commercial project capability, we can bore wire under large roads! (even three lanes)
  • Unsurpassed custom designs and personal one on one service.
  • Quotes sent out in a timely fashion, most of the time within 24 hours
  • All systems are safe and low voltage regardless of if you choose LED.
  • An investment that pays off, our lighting will WOW and will last for years to come!
  • At Light It Right our customers come first. You can rest assured that when you purchase one of professionally installed systems that you are receiving the best system on the market today… GUARANTEED!
  • The quality of our fixtures is unsurpassed, nobody else offers the same product.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

There are many reasons and to consider outdoor lighting as a way to accent your landscape, brings things to life, while also improving security! From years of experience servicing the outdoor lighting needs of the Yorktown, Williamsburg, Hampton and Greater Hampton Roads area, we have helped many clients experience the benefits of residential and commercial lighting systems. Whether you want to increase the security of your property or spend more time enjoying the warm weather during the spring and summer months when the weather is nice, there are many year round benefits provided by outdoor lighting after the sun goes down.

Enhance Security and Safety

Illuminating your property after dark can also be an effective way of dissuading unwanted guests from poking around on your property. Lights scare of robbers. Lighting systems can help to keep your invited guests safe after dark. Place lights around the swimming pool, along walkways and near the terrace or patio areas that get frequent traffic so as to reduce the risk of falls or other injuries.

2023 Security Update: we have seen a serious increase in break in’s even in communities once considered safe. We have had a more than 350% increase in customers asking us for security lighting. We have put together a package for security that also includes motion activated lights mixed in with regular lights. We recommend this new system for those who live in non-gated communities, near major roads, or in zip codes that are particularly affected. Please note that our lighting should be combined with a front porch camera. We are going to be making a blog post about security, please see our blog. There we will try to give us much information as possible so that you can protect your home. It seems that crime is showing no signs of reduction and keeps on rising into 2023. As the economy goes into worse times, crime may increase more. This has been an urgent issue brought up by many customers, some of who have called us in a panic following their break in.

Accentuate Landscaping and Improve Property Value

Outdoor lighting highlights the beauty of your building as well as increases the value of your property. Lighting your exterior is considered an added amenity by prospective buyers and appraisers, as it represents a lifetime investment back into the properties. Commercial with welldone landscape lighting design are often considered to be more appealing to customers, and attract more business than unlit dark business. Whether you are looking to brighten your residence or business, lighting can be applied to greenery, street numbers, as well as the actual building exterior.

YOUR Zillow pictures will not look the same at night without blooms outdoor lighting. Be sure to visit our showroom to see what lighting fixtures we offer.

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