Commercial Grade Quality Landscapes without the crazy price tag.

We have specials ranging from small patios for less than three thousand to elaborate backyards in the 30k price range.

Outdoor Paradise

$34,999 SPECIAL - Outdoor Paradise

(Travertine is additional $2,000)   0r $15,000 down then, $2500 per month

This $21,998 special includes all items seen in picture also noted below:

  • Large 500 lbs boulder with water feature including pump and water rotating system
  • Very Large 22 by 20 travertine patio (the light square stone as seen above) Patio is elevated and includes edging stone connecting to the two section patio's and lawn areas.
  • Two 12 by 10 stone patios (step down)
  • Three tone paver wall with wall cap
  • Paver stone firepit with stainless steel insert
  • 12 by 10 wood pergola (choose from different stains or colored paint) 
  • Stone, gravel, and five 3 gallon plants of your choice.  (recommend grasses or miniature yucca)

This is a turnkey project with 3 year warranty on workmanship and lifetime warranty on pavers.

LED Front Yard Special $3,499

(OR $2000 down then $500 per month for 3 months)  (ends Dec 01)

- installing a professional LED landscape lighting setup that includes quality transformer, timer, 4 bullet lights, 1 flood light, 4 path lights  and up to 150 feet of wiring.  Dramatically illuminate the front of your home

Value Hardscape Specials

  • 10' Circle Paver Stone Patio Only- $3,599
  • 16' Circle Paver Stone Patio- Only- $4,999
  • Add firepit for just $899

Hardscaping Services

Bloom is your preferred hardscaping contractor of choice. From simple paver patios and circle kits, to complete outdoor living areas, we have you covered.

We have specials ranging from small patios for less than three thousand dollars to elaborate backyards that include fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and LED lighting.

We have installed thousands of patios over the years and we are a direct retail outlet for many of your high end paver brands. Do not buy pavers from Home Depot or Lowes please, stop by our showroom located at 2911 George Washington Mem Hwy, Yorktown VA 23693 so we can show you the different pavers we offer.

Permits, Waterfront Hardscaping.

Do not let the need for permits scare you away. No, it’s not going to be a multi-year process and you will not have to remortgage your home to pay an attorney to do it! If you are on the water, chances are a permit is needed to install even a single brick of paver! Do not proceed without a permit as penalties can be very steep and you may be forced to tear out your new project.

Contact us today, we are waterfront hardscaping experts and we have helped many homeowners obtain permits including in York County, Williamsburg, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach. Our permitting process includes the design, submittal of plans, inspection with officials, mitigation plan, runoff and calculations of permeable surface. We charge a low flat fee for the design and permitting process and it usually can be done in less than 90 days. Yes, you can still install a patio in your backyard, we will show you how, don’t be afraid. Our remediation work often includes creating planting beds with landscaping, creating drainage systems, and erosion mitigation systems.

We are experts in this field, and we will help ensure your waterfront landscaping and hardscaping project gets the green light from the Chesapeake Bay Protection Authorities. We will publish a blog entry soon about the permitting process and how we do it, if you are reading this, chances are that we already posted it, so please be sure to check out our blog page and search for Chesapeake Bay Waterfront Hardscaping Permitting Guide.

Bloom Hardscaping Services: Paver Patios, Retainer Walls, Wall Systems, Circle Kit, Outdoor kitchens, outdoor grill area. Paver Pizza Oven. Walkways. Driveways. Paver Path down to your pier, paver mailbox column, and pretty much anything you can think of that is pavers. We have installed many pool applications including paver pool overall. If you wish to see more pictures of our work just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paver Patios are Better than Concrete?

In short, yes, much better, and for many reasons. We may be biased here against concrete as we do not pour concrete, however our bias is well founded. A poured concrete patio is just not going to have the same impact, it just won’t look as high end as pavers! Concrete can crack (well… it will crack) over time and its impossible to fix it. Pavers don’t crack, and even if they did you could just replace one of them easily without impacting the rest. Concrete is not the same quality and does not have the same sealant and colorant.

What about….. No! Don’t get fooled by stamped concrete. This was a fad right around 2008 when some companies got their hands on concrete stamping machines and started offering a cheaper alternative to pavers. These look nice... for a few years until they crack. Once a stamped concrete paver surface cracks there is no repairs possible. You can seal the crack but then you still see it and it instantly makes your entire project look cheap (sorry no other way to put it). The pavers also chip, peel, the coating wears out, the rain then penetrates the pavement and its very hard to re-seal. Do it right the firs time, use pavers. If cost is a concern we have some traditional low cost pavers. We have pavers that are almost the same cost as concrete, although 75+% of our customers choose to go with the more premium paver offerings.

Bloom Tips: Planning for a Paver Patio or Walkway.

1. Consider the size. Think about how you wish to use your patio. What furniture do you wish to have? Will there be a table in the middle? If you already found furniture that you love, consider buying it, and then laying it out to see how it feels and then adjust the furniture to create the space (visual is sometimes the best way as you can get a feel for it). Consider if you will also have an outdoor dining set and firepit. If you have a firepit allow for additional space. Allow room to install shrubs, for example, don’t put the patio too close to the neighbors fence, in case you decide to plant a row of shrubs.

2. Building Codes and Regulation- Not too long ago, your property was your property and you could start building your dream patio the same day you got the material. Today we have to consider if its allowed, and what permits are needed if any. Chances are there are rules both form the county and city, as well as your HOA, and there may be additional regulation from the Chesapeake Bay Protection Board, and the DEQ. If you are located near a larger road, beware of zoning setback, this is especially true for commercial properties. But it all depends on where you live. In most cases, if the area is fenced in, and its your backyard, and the patio is not elevated more than 30 inches, and you are not on the water, then you may not need any permit at all. About 65% of projects we do, do not require a permit. But if you live in one of the more strict HOA’s such as Kiln Creek in Yorktown, Fords Colony or Kingsmill in Williamsburg, your association will want to know about your plans to ensure the project complies with the codes of aesthetics. If you are located on the water please contact us as a permit is most likely needed and fines can be extremely steep. You cannot just build a patio if it’s within 100 feet of watershed, wetland or waterfront. A permit is also required if your patio is elevated more than 30 inches, in this case it will need code complaint rails. These rules are designed to keep us safe and prevent accidents. Chesapeake Bay rules are designed to protect the Bay, and HOA rules are designed to keep the community looking nice and uniform. Our company places a great importance on codes and compliance, and to ensure full compliance with all environmental laws.

3. Do you need an outdoor kitchen?

Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? If so consider adding an outdoor kitchen. How large do you want your counter space to be? Will you be cooking multiple dishes that will require a large grill? Do you want counter space to serve food outdoors? Do want to have a bar area to also serve beverages to your guests, friends, and family? Do you want an outdoor cooler? Are you in the water? If so perhaps you need a freezer in your outdoor kitchen to store fish. (better than bringing them into your home) . If your outdoor kitchen will include a sink and a fridge then plumbing and wiring plans have to be made. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, our team can help with all your planning needs.

4. Outdoor Comfort Considerations

Do you plan to use the outdoor space all year long? If so perhaps consider installing a pergola above some of the patio so you can still enjoy the space when it rains, and during the heat of the summer. Nobody wants to sit in the sun during a July Afternoon! Today’s technology allows for cooling and heating to outdoor areas as well! Consider if you will need gas heating towers installed, or gas torches. Fans can be installed from the ceiling of your pergola that will give a constant breeze and keep you cool even in the heat of the summer. When planning this, consider that wire connections will have to be installed by an electrician.

5. Location Considerations

Many people just assume that a patio should always be tucked against the back of your home. Not so. We have found that these outdoor areas look better when slightly away from your home, or even further away with a connecting path. If you are sitting on lounge chair outside do you want to be looking straight up into the 2nd floor windows of your home, or would you rather be surround by nature? We recommend to allow some room, even putting a 5 foot area of rock/mulch and shurbs allows you to break down the space and create a barrier of green and nature that makes your outdoor living space feel better integrated with the outside. (and it just looks so much better) . Even if your home is connected to the patio, consider brining it out some so that you are enjoying the space your backyard has to offer.

6. More than just pavers.

Do you also wish to install shrubs around your new patio? What about LED ligting. Will your home light be enough to make this space usable at night? What about stepping stones leading around the side of your home, connecting your garage, and connecting your walkway? Remember that walking on wet grass is not always a good idea, perhaps this can be solved by adding stepping stones (also to prevent turf damage) Consider how you will use the area, consider Pets, consider how people will get to the outdoor space.

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