Bloom Lawn + Landscaping offers many different kinds of paver installation and design. We are the preferred installer of:

  • paver kitchens
  • paver backyards
  • paver driveways
  • paver walkways
  • paver patios
  • paver retainer walls
  • paver fireplaces

We install patios and other landscaping features in every Hampton Roads city including Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News, and Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. 

Paver Pool Deck

Don't surround your pool with concrete.  It’s bland, it looks like the 90’s, and it cracks and needs constant resurfacing.  Time to take it up a notch with pavers! Choose any style from old classic looking colonial click to large modern format pavers.   All the new construction homes over 450k feature paver backyards so why should yours be any different.   Let the designers and experts at Bloom help you get your outdoor pool area transformed into a up to date luxury resort. 

Paver Patio Specials

We have many specials, predesigned patios for a budget that will look like a million bucks!    Basically, we have purchased pavers in bulk and designed them in bulk.  This means that you don’t have to pay any design fee, and get the prices at wholesale cost.   Please speak to one of our estimators today about Paver Specials.  These patio pavers are the same great quality but 10-15% less than market rate.  

Multiple Level Paver Patio

Even if your yard lacks slope, a multi-level patio can make a bland backyard look more exciting!  Be sure to add planting materials also around your multi-level paver patio!  Bloom is an expert and will also include the best in class warranty. 

Elevated patios really have to be done by professionals.  Go with the cheap guy or small paver company and you may end up with a sunken patio, or ever worse (and yes we have seen it) a patio that collapses overnight, and forms a nasty sinkhole that is even more to cleanup and repair.   Muli-level patios have to be installed per a very specific procedure to ensure proper compaction.   Bloom will look at the drainage as well as the soil composition as major components before presenting an "engineered paver solution" to property installed an elevated patio.  We have the right tools and equipment to ensure compaction and to prevent future sinking, or even the nightmare sinkhole scenario we mentioned earlier.   Trust the paver installation experts at Bloom with this!

Marble Pavers & Travertine

Marble Pavers make for magnificent outdoor landscapes. Such pavers can be used in walkways, patios, grass-yard lanes, entryways and even driveways. These gorgeous natural stones are used for over centuries both for commercial or residential purposes. If you want to change the look of an outdoor area, be it a patio or poolside, these pavers may transform a dull, lackluster area to an exotic work of art.   Travertine and Marble are very popular applications around pool areas, they are great to walk on as well and your family/ residents will love it!

Virginia Colonial Brick (handmade clay)

Colonial Brick pavers come in many different colors. (Different shades of Red we should say) Some of these pavers have a tumbled texture. The different shapes are also adding up to various exciting design themes that we can create for your home commercial property. The shapes of brick paving material are square, parallelogram, herringbone, random etc which allow for a highly customized look and feel.

In terms of strength and durability, our brick pavers are capable of withstanding a tremendously high level of loading and it is fitted to various kinds of applications like vehicle driveway that access around municipal, residential and commercial construction projects, and pedestrian walkways.

Our Colonial Virginia Brick is very affordable and you can choose from many different patterns of brick pavers, colors and designs. Our brick pavers maintain its interlocking form much better as compared to the concrete that you have to pour in place when the underlying material and earth move, clay brick paving is adjusting itself in order to accommodate underlying soil movement and thereby, preventing the pavement system from cracking. Moreover, it provides an easy recycle and repair solution. If they would become stained or damaged, you will only have to lift off the damaged paver and then, replace with a new one. It is just like replacing one piece or part of the jigsaw puzzle. Therefore, the replacement and maintenance cost overall is essentially lower as compared to other forms of paving materials, for instance asphalt.  

Contact Bloom today! Our colonial pavers are especially popular in Colonial Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg, both historic cities that value traditional landscaping and traditional looking pavers. 

Paver Sidewalk

Paver Patio Repair

Bloom performs several minor patio repairs every month along with some that are severe.  If your patio is sinking, or pavers are cracking, or walls are shifting please contact us quickly.  The sooner we can diagnose the problem the faster and more cost effective it will be to fix.   We are experts at patio repair.  We repair all patios, wall, dry stack, as well as stone veneer applications that have cracked.   Call us today and we will help! 

Paver Patio Sealing

Pavers should be sealed every 3 to 5 years depending on the quality of the sealant and the applicator.   Bloom offers semi-gloss paver seal, high gloss paver seal, as well as our very popular super matt sealer which keeps the pavers protected without the shiny look.   The trend now is less shine as customers want a more organic look.    Call us today for a quote!   Failure to property seal your patio and pavers can result in decline. 

Patio Design

Looking to design a backyard oasis? How about getting a full outdoor kitchen under a new pergola with a fireplace off to the side for those chilly or muggy mosquito filled nights all the same. The days have come and gone where it’s acceptable to just roll your grill back to your patio, or pull out your charcoal briquettes. Outdoor living has taken over, and the central feature of this new trend is a well-designed outdoor patio area.

When we do paver installation and design, our designs are functional enough for everyday use, but posh enough to show off during your next backyard party.  Bloom can help make all your visions come to reality, and we can help you pick elements that will look great for many years to come. 

Patio Construction & Concrete Pavers

The use of concrete stepping stones, often referred to as concrete paving stones, is growing rapidly in both commercial and residential construction projects.  A big benefit of pavers is that they can be removed and re-installed, which reduces future service interruptions. The use of concrete pavers is expanding rapidly. Concrete paving stones come in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles to suit most any design idea.

We design and build patios!

Patio Fire Pits

No need to run gas lines although we will if practical.  New applications and kits offer an unlimited selection of paver, stone and veneer patio  fire pits.   A very popular trend now si with square or rectangular paver fire pits which look sophisticated and instantly elevate your home! 

Bluestone & Flagstone Patios

Bloom has been insatling these for over a decade.   A flagstone, bluestone patio will look timeless and last for many years to come,, and may actually be less expensive than actual paver blocks. 

Pergolas and Pavilions

If you are looking for luxury and an incredible addition to your backyard look no further than a pergola or pavilion designed and installed by Bloom. Our pergolas will give your backyard an elegant design as well as a comfortable place to hang out with friends and family. Whether you’re looking for a free standing structure or an attachment to your house we here at Bloom will make your vision a reality. 

Check out these amazing paver add on features, we can incorporate these into your paver project!

Add a Fireplace or Outdoor Fire Pit

Not only does a fireplace or outdoor fire pit add warmth and light to your patio during the evenings, it creates a focal point in your design and is the perfect place to gather with friends and family! Choose a pre-built and Bloom will install it for you.  

Build an Hardscape Outdoor Kitchen

If cooking outdoors is your passion you may consider adding a kitchen to your patio. BBQ grill islands, pizza ovens, designated eating areas and amenities such as an outdoor fridge are all great options that transform your patio into an outdoor living room.

Incorporate a Water Feature

Create a patio that is truly an extension of your home. Bloom can help you craft an outdoor living space designed to connect with family and friends, away from the world’s distractions.

Water features also serve as a great focal point in your design. In addition, the soothing sound of falling water can provide relaxation to your backyard oasis. Consider pairing it with an outdoor fireplace or part of your pool deck.

Designing the Horizontal Surface

The floors of your outdoor rooms can be made more interesting by your choice of laying patterns or by using borders to create the look of an area rug for furniture groupings. 

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