We offer several solutions for yard drainage problems.

Landscape Drainage

The importance of proper landscape drainage cannot be overstated. Poor drainage at the foundation can cause water in your basement, and uncontrolled water flow can cause erosion. Damp areas or standing water in your lawn and landscape can damage the root system and stunt the growth of your trees and plants. Too much moisture can also affect your plants’ resistance to pests and disease.


As we know, Hampton Roads has a lot of water. There are a lot of areas, particularly in Poquoson, Hampton, and Norfolk that are very low lying. This puts the water in your yard, where we don't want it.

We can fix it

Call Bloom Lawn + Landscaping to take a look at your yard's drainage issues. We have the experts that know whether they should grade the yard or install a drainage box.


Custom Drainage Solutions

We offer custom drainage solutions to homeowners and businesses throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia.   The type of drainage recommended will depend on many factors such as amount of water, exit placement, grade, and your budget.  ​

Factors to consider first:

  • Are there any irrigation or LED landscape lighting wires/ pipe in the way of the drain?
  • Can I grade the yard or should I install a drainage box?
  • Is there lots of trees around that have roots?  This could making running drain pipe especially challenging.  
  • Would grass clippings and debris potentially clutter the drain box? 
  • Are there any gas lines or major utilities running in the path of the drain?
  • What is my budget?  Can I just fill in the area with more soil?
  • How accessible is the area?  Can a truck drive to the low area and dump dirt? 
  • Is there a place for the water to drain?  If not you may need a sump pump. 
  • What is the cause of flooding?  Are there downspouts that could be re-directed instead that are causing the majority of flooding? 
  • Are you in a wetland area where any type of work is not allowed?  In this case, you may be better off letting nature reclaim the lawn/bed. We can install native grasses and plants in those areas to help speed up this process.  ​

Some common yard drainage solutions include:

  • Installing French drains after hand-excavating around the foundation of your home
  • Re-grading lawns
  • Changing the slope by adding soil/rock around the foundation
  • Connecting downspouts to underground drainage systems (Dry Wells)
  • Installing dry river beds to assist with storm drainage
  • Creating a grassy swale
  • Installing a water garden/feature
  • Sometimes a combination of services is required.  

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