• ​Declutter - cut back overgrown shrubs, remove vines, unsightly perennials, it's time to part ways with that cracked bird bath.   Remove any yard accessories like gnomes or concrete gerbils, people want a blank slate. 

  • Limb up trees, your home should be 100% visible from the mailbox.   Remove ugly trees that have poor growth, irregular shape, or broken limbs.  
  • Sod or seed & straw any areas with no turf.   Straw looks better than dirt as it gives sellers a "new construction" feel.   Sod is expensive and should be avoided unless you have irrigation in place or it's in the fall (October-November are the only times you can sod non-irrigated lawns)
  • Remove perennials that don't have flowers or that don't have a clean look, these will be mistaken for weeds by most homebuyers. Keep in mind that most people are not master gardeners.  
  • Add mulch.  No need for 3" here, just add a dusting of mulch to refresh your property.  Make sure all weeds are sprayed first.  We recommend using brown or black mulch, avoid using Red as many home buyers associate that with lower income subdivisions.  (think McDonalds) 
  • Add foundation plantings if missing.   A house without foundation planting won't have good curb appeal, consider installing evergreens that are at least 12" tall.  We recommend Holly or Nandina for this. Avoid using flowers or perennials for foundation plantings as they could die or start looking like weeds before your home sells.

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