Bloom has serviced Suffolk since 2010 and continues to have more and more customers in this growing city. Our trucks can be seen driving around doing landscaping jobs and installing new landscaping for the many new construction homes going up in the different neighborhoods. If you are fortunate enough to call Suffolk home, Bloom is right there to help with all your landscaping needs from drainage to landscape installation, seasonal mulching, and the installation of a new paver outdoor kitchen and stay at home vacation. Recently we have had many customers in Suffolk inquire about outdoor landscape lighting.

Suffolk Most popular services: drainage, pavers, led landscape lighting, river rock, boulders, erosion control, waterfront landscaping

Paver Patio on Waterfront Properties- Suffolk

If you live in Suffolk, there is a good chance that you live on the water. With this privilege comes responsibility. There is a lot of regulation as to what you can do and can’t do on a waterfront property, especially when it comes to things like patios, outdoor areas, as they impact drainage. You cannot just install a patio as you please in your backyard…. If you do and you get caught, it can result in serious fines and you may even have to tear your patio out! But don’t worry. If you don’t want to deal with permits, and filling out paperwork, we can do it all for you, and we have helped other homeowners in the area obtain permits for construction in wetland areas and waterfront properties that is subject to the strict regulation of the Chesapeake Bay Board preservation Act. So if you have a waterfront landscaping vision for your home in Poquoson, but don’t know how to start with the permits process, give us a call and we will help!

Top 10 Services we perform in Suffolk, Virginia.

11. Paver Patio Installation. We are the #1 paver contractor in the area!

12. LED landscape lighting- We are a LED landscape lighting contractor

13. Drainage- we have helped over three dozen homes with major

drainage problems (flooding)

14. Paver Kitchens- we install both large and small paver kitchens.

15. Paver Circle Kit with Pire pit in the middle.

16. Waterfront Landscaping- we help with permits too!

17. Shrub Installation

18. Spring Cleanup Service

19. Landscape Makeover

20. River Rock Installation to replace Mulch Beds.

Give us a call today at 757 759 5747 and we will help make your landscaping and outdoor living vision a reality.

Suffolk Virginia Landscaping

Communities we service in Suffolk, Virginia.

Pike Point, Suffolk Virginia- located on the mouth of the Chuckatuck Creek and the James River, this community has a mix of homes. Bloom first did a landscaping installation project here in 2015 and we have done several projects since.

Riverfront at Harbor View- Bloom has been doing work here since before 2012. Most popular services include waterfront landscaping, LED landscape lighting installation, paver patios, and circle kits and paver gas fire pit installation. If you live in Riverfront give Bloom a call today.

Cedar Point, Suffolk- this golf course community is situated right on the James River. Bloom has performed landscaping projects here since 2012. Top services for Cedar Point include mulching, pruning, landscaping installation, shrub replacement, and outdoor paver patio.

Governors Pointe, Suffolk- this is one the newer communities in the area, Bloom did work there as early as 2012 when some of the homesites were still being built. Top services here include paver patios, outdoor kitchen installation, river rock and river surge installation, landscaping design and landscaping installation. Mulch bed reduction, sod, and metal edging for landscape beds. If you live in Governors Pointe in Suffolk give us a call today.

Bennet’s Creek Landing, Suffolk- Bloom has been doing projects here as early as 2012. If you live in Bennet’s Creek Landing call us today at 757 759 5747 for a free quote.

Cedar Crest Hall, Suffolk- oldest established community with large wooden lots. Bloom has done a handful of projects here primary where new homeowners purchased an existing property and wanted to change their landscape and make it their own. A few of the homes do have waterfront lots with deep water access.

Sleepy Point, Suffolk. Bloom has installed several projects here randing from mulching and spring cleanup, to LED lighting, paver patios, drainage, and tree removal.

Summer Creek Estates, Suffolk. Bloom started doing work here back when the community was being built and it was called Ciara Estates. The name later changed. Our primary service here has been lawn aeration and seeding, and LED lights installation. Summer Creek Estates in Suffolk has large lots with little wooded areas.

Fairways Crossings, Suffolk. Bloom offers services in Fairways Crossings.

Harbours at River Bluff, Suffolk. Bloom offers all landscaping services to Harbours at River Bluff.

Harbor View Golf Villages- Bloom offers landscaping service here since 2015.

Burnetts Mill, Suffolk. Bloom started working here around 2012 and we have completed several projects in the community and surrounding areas.

Burbage Landing, Suffolk. Bloom has performed several smaller projects in this waterfront community in Suffolk, VA

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