Williamsburg Landscaping Services by Bloom

Williamsburg is the center of History and Heritage and Bloom Lawn + Landscaping is proud to service this region since 2012. Williamsburg boosts some of the most exclusive communities in all of Virginia including world renown golf courses such as Kingsmill on the James and Fords Colony.

Bloom Lawn + Landscaping performs work for many customers in different communities including Kingsmill, Fords Colony, as well as Governors Land. There are hundreds of other small communities that Bloom does work in as well. Williamsburg is a unique market with many high-end homes. Our landscaping company understands our customers needs in Williamsburg and we understand the need to provide higher than normal quality along with custom features that is functional by today’s standards while respecting our history and the colonial style that makes Williamsburg such as great place to live and also visit for those who wish to be closer to history.

Our customers in Williamsburg have unique taste, so we have a landscape product selection of classic colonial inspired clay and red paver bricks. River Rick for example is not as popular as many people consider it a “out of state” imported product that does not reflect what is native to Virginia. Catering to the needs of our Williamsburg customers, we have many paver products including both concrete and clay brick that are inspired by the beautiful architecture of the college of William and Mary as well as the must visit streets of Colonial Williamsburg which is one of the hidden gems of the east coast.

Williamsburg’s Most Popular Services: Brick Pavers, Natural Flagstone, Native Deer Resistant Plants, Colonial Inspired Themes, Red Clay Brick Walkways, Paver Patio Installation, natural flagstone, fescue sod installation, annual spring cleanup and mulching.

At Bloom we love Timeless Colonial

We are in love with the style because it brings us back to a time when the architecture and quality was of such high quality, a time when materials were natural, fixtures were built to last, and everything has such an elegant flair. Today we are bringing back this style in its original form and in a more modern interpretation. We have some really cool ways that we can capture historical detail, but with modern interpretation and bring that to life in your landscaping. Call us today for ideas, we are excited to help!

Communities we serve in Williamsburg.

We have projects that we complete in Williamsburg pretty much on a weekly basis. In 2023, we have noticed a big increase in customer inquiries form Williamsburg. Here are some of the communities we do work in, and what typical projects involve. (for some reason every community has a niche… when one homeowner install’s something nice and others see it, it then becomes a popular service in the community) For this reason we often see an influx of very specific requests during certain times of the year. (For example in 2019, there was very big demand for LED outdoor lighting in Williamsburg) In 2018, there was a big demand for drainage solutions in Ford Colony. This Winter, it seems like clients from all over Williamsburg are calling Bloom to install an outdoor kitchen, firepit, and outdoor living space, and people seem to want to remove decks….. a trend that really took off in 2021. Many of our Williamsburg clients are replacing their older deck and installing a larger multi level patio that features a sitting area, small outdoor kitchen with built in gas grill, small bar area, and typically a protruding area that will have a circular patio with firepit in the middle. We foresee that this trend will continue into 2023 as people love the outdoors!

Here are the top communities we service and the work we have done in each one: Please note this is not a complete list.

Quick Marketing Message: If you are looking to buy a home in Williamsburg, or considering selling, we quickly want to mention https://mrwilliamsburg.com/ as a resource for your real estate needs. Mr. Williamsburg has a great HOA reference and even has history and disclosure packages, HOA fee info, EVERYTHING! (this is not a paid add, we are just sharing a resource)

Kingsmill – This amazing community offers a world class golf course and wide variety of homes ranging from townhouses to massive estates. Bloom has been doing work in Kingsmill since 2012, and over the years we have steady increased the number of projects there. We have recently seen a very high demand in patio installation, and general landscaping in Kingsmill. Our company has performed work in all the hamlets of Kingsmill including.

How amazing the history of the area, we get to work in a community where literally the colonizers set foot… on this very land.

The item below about Kingsmill needs to be in smaller font than the rest and different font. Or put everything in a blue box?

What Hamlets of Kingsmill has bloom done landscaoing work in?

“The twelfth day (of May, 1607) we discovered a point of land called Archer’s Hope (Kingsmill), which was sufficient with a little labour to defend ourselves against any enemy. The soil was good and fruitful, with excellent good timber. There are also great store of vines... in great abundance. We also did see many Squirrels, Rabbits, Black Birds with crimson wings, and divers other Fowles and Birds of divers and sundrie collours... If it had not beene disliked because the ship could not ride neare the shoare, we had settled there to all the Collonies contentment.”

George Percy, fifth president of the Council of Virginia, and deputy gevernor of the Coloney in 1611

How Kingsmill got it’s name.

In 1619, seven men (Richard Kingsmill, William Fairfax, William Claiborne, John Jefferson, William Spence, Richard Staples, and Richard Brewster) were the first Virginia Company members to receive grants of land. The largest parcel of land, 500 acres, was granted to Richard Kingsmill. Today, Bloom is proud to work on this site, you can feel the history there, it takes you back in time, and the area is just gorgeous.

What Hamlets has bloom done work in?

Bloom has performed work in Bray Wood, Whittakers Mill, Spener’s Grant, Wickham’s Grant, Fairfax Woods, North Quarter, Quaterpath Trace Village (work done to the HOA not individual unit). We have landscaping projects in Armisted Point, Burwells Bluff, Burwell Woods, as well as HOA work for Harops Glen and Littletown Quarter. We have done patio installations as well in most of the hamlets including Jeffersons Quarter, and Tutter’s Neck. If you are in Kingsmill and you are considering our firm and wish to see actual address references, please let us know and we will request permission from our past clients to share their reference information.

Bloom has an excellent working relationships with KCSA, the homeowners association office located outside of the Kingsmill gates on Mclawns blvd. Thank you again for considering Bloom if you are a Kingsmill resident

Fords colony This idyllic community that also offers a world class golf course and wide variety of homes (2700 in total). Bloom has been servicing Fords Colony since 2012. Most popular services in 2022 were paver patios and drainage, as well as installation of deer resistant privacy shrubs.

“Ford’s Colony is a gated community with a 24-hour security staff. It was designed and built along roads that meander in and around a landscape of ponds, wetlands, and woodlands, and offers a variety of homes from condominiums and townhomes to cottages and executive residences. The community attracts families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds from areas across the nation and around the world”

Mr. Williamsburg

Bloom has performed dozens of projects in Ford’s Colony and is one of the several widely used companies in the area. Our staff is well versed with the security procedure to enter the community (including having to use a special contractor entrance) . As with gated communities, our Ford’s colony customers have the peace of mind to know that our staff is well trained, experienced, and that we conduct background checks. Top services in Fords Colony include paver patios, outdoor kitchen, LED landscape lighting deer resistant landscaping privacy shurbs, deer resistant landscaping design, outdoor firepit, paver circle kit installation. Paver Driveway outline. Bloom is at your service Fords Colony.

Governors Land at Two Rivers

Beautifully built on 1,400+ acres nestled between the majestic James and Chickahominy Rivers, The Governor’s Land at Two Rivers is a private, memberowned country club community of distinction where new neighbors become family and peace of mind is a priority. Governors Land is another idyllic place to live, and Bloom has been offering our quality professional landscaping services since 2012. Our customers at Governors Land have used our company for a variety of services including backyard patio installation. Our clients in Governors Landing tend to perform larger projects, including large backyard patios that have multiple levels with golf course and James River views. Consideration on deer resistant plants and custom spaces are top priorities. Our clients here are very discerning and want the best products. We have installed paver patios, outdoor pizza ovens, bluestone patio and bluestone walking path’s, privacy hedges, circle kits, and we have also installed LED landscape lighting in Governors Land. If you live in Governors Land we hereby invite you to try our landscaping services.

Arbordale HOA, Williamsburg - Arbordale is one of the areas only main-level living communities without an age restriction, this appears to be a trend with new communities. This place is just built. All the homes are ranch style. We have just recently started getting work requests here as this association is still very new! Common areas are maintained by a master contract agreement.

Nottingham Place, Williamsburg - Bloom landscaped several homes here a few years ago, this HOA only has 72 homesites and not all of them are yet developed although new one are getting sold so soon they may all be developed. Nottingham Homeowners Association contacts our firm, Bloom Lawn + Landscaping every fall to obtain a landscape analysis. Bloom has provided the HOA with reports on quality, as well as design ideas for their common areas. Our team is currently working on a patio installation project for one of the fine residences located in Nottingham Woods. (Nottingham is actually part of the Fords Colony Community, an exclusive gated extension with custom built homes)

Brandywyne, Williamsburg- Bloom has done a few projects in this HOA, these include on time installation of landscaping features with the approval of the HOA that manages the landscape contract for the common areas.

Brandon Woods, Williasmburg- Bloom has only performed a handful of projects here that include removal and installation of new shrubs, as well as LED lighting system repair.

Braemar Creek, Williamsburg- Bloom Lawn and Landscaping offers services in Braemar Creek, which is part of the Linkside collection of fine homes.

Burgesses Quarters, Williamsburg - Contact Bloom today if you need a landscaping solution in Burgess Quarters, please note all projects must have HOA approval

Kensington Woods, Williamsburg -Bloom has provided HOA services in the past including lawn maintenance and installation of new landscape materials, and river rock to the community entrance. Kensington Woods has beautiful new homes and the first residents moved in around 2016, the same time that Bloom started our services. Bloom has helped the Kensington Woods homeowners association improve the quality of it’s turf areas after the builder left some of the common areas in poor condition, resulting in erosion and poor turf quality. Bloom installed various landscaping for the HOA including drainage (French drains), topsoil dressing, soil amendments. Bloom has also installed a small backyard circle kit to one of the homes in 2020.

Capital Green Landing, Williamsburg- Bloom offers landscaping services to homes in Capital Green, call us today for a complimentary quote for your Williamsburg Home landscaping

Carriage Homes at Williamsburg Commons- We have performed yard drainage, and shrub installation here in this lovely community of 156 duplex carriage homes at the end of Commons Way off of Route 60 By-Pass Road in York County . The builder (Williamsburg Homes ) offered four different models with various elevations. Houses are built as duplexes.

Stonehouse, Toano 23168 – Bloom has been doing work in Stonehouse since 2012. This HOA is a little bit farther away from our showroom but we do provide services here and we have done well over a dozen projects int the community over the years that range from lawn renovation, to backyard patio kitchen installation, pool deck patio installation, shrub replacement, and LED landscape lighting. If you live in Stonehouse call Bloom for your landscaping services today!

Banbury Cross, Williamsburg- Bloom offers services in Banbury Cross. !

Charlotte Park, New Town, Williamsburg- Bloom offers services in this HOA, please note all projects will need HOA approval and there are restrictions on landscaping features that can be installed. Bloom will assist you with the permitting and approvals process.

Creekside Landing, Williamsburg - Bloom has done quiet a few projects here even though the homes are no longer new. This established community offers tranquility, while still being convenient to today’s needs. Creekside Landing offers large home sites and open spaces in one of the most sought after areas of upper York County with a Williamsburg address. In Creekside, Bloom has installed LED landscape lighting, deer resistant shrub installation, patios, firepits, outdoor kitchens, mulch, spring cleanups…. And full landscaping design and construction services. If you live in beautiful Creekside please call us for a quote and references!

Felgate Woods- Bloom offers landscaping services in Felgate woods.

Fernbrook Williamsburg- Does Bloom perform services in Fernbrok? Yes, we have done lots of projects here, this community is rather small it’s been around a while and many of the homes are on their second or third owner. This community located in Williamsburg on the Southern edge of James City County, has large treed lots, our customers here use Bloom for leaf removal, spring cleanup, mulching, planting, shrub reduction, new landscaping, landscape renovation, and paver patios. If you live in the beautiful Fernbook community reach out to us and we are happy to help!

Fieldcrest, Williamsburg, This tiny community, located at the corner of Greensprings Rd and Route 5 / John Tyler Highway. is one of the area’s least known hidden gems of the Williamsburg area. Fieldcrest is one of the most highly sought after communities in the area. It was developed in the late 1980’s by C Lewis Waltrip .Today, there are 78 homes in the Fieldcrest neighborhood. Bloom has performed our first project there in 2014, and since then we have done at least one project there every year.

First Colony, Williamsburg – this is one of our favorite communities that was developed in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Homes here have beautiful large wooded lots. This community has its own marina. Bloom has helped several homeowners with projects in First Colony, services included mulching, tree removal, grading, driveway installation, drive repair, patios, backyard patio and firepit, and small outdoor kitchen with gas grill. Bloom has also installed masonry stone walls and Pennsylvania bluestone here. If you live in First Colony, Williamsburg and need landscaping services for your home, give Bloom a call today, we are at your service!

Graylin Woods, Williamsburg- this is a smaller community of older mostly custom built homes. Lots are large and tend to be wooded. Bloom has erformed work in Gravlin Woods before as well. If you need landscaping, leaf removal, paver installation, or want to add an outdoor living space for your home in Graylin Woods, Williamsburg, give us a call.

Greenspring’s Plantation- Bloom first did work here around 2013 for the association itself which was managed by UPA at the time. The management has changed since but this amazing community has only grown! When Bloom started doing work there there was still new streets with undeveloped lots. Greenspring’s is really beautiful because of the many lakes and rolling hills some with views. Bloom has installed many projects in this community including LED outdoor landscape lighting, paver patios, landscaping feature installation, drainage solutions including French drains, and colonial brick clay pavers. Bloom has also installed at least one circle kit patio with firepit in Greenspring’s. Chances are if you live in Greenspring’s you have seen our trucks. We invite all homeowner’s of Greenspring’s to try Bloom Lawn + Landscaping, we are at your service!

Kingspoint , Williamsburg– Located near College creek this wonderful well established community has homes of all sizes. Bloom first started doing work there in 2012, our first project was a bluestone installation. Many of the homes are on their second and third owners, as such many people have called us after purchasing their home to make upgrades, additions, and to create new outdoor spaces such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, firepits, pizza ovens. We also perform a lot of spring cleanups due to the large number of mature trees. If you need landscaping in Kignspoint, Williamsburg, call Bloom today, we are at your service.

Lake Powell Forst and Lake Powell Point- Bloom has performed several projects in these communities as well. We are one of the top landscaping companies in the Williamsburg area.

Landfall at Jamestown- Williamsburg VA- We have installed several landscaping projects here including at least one that included permitting for installation of pavers near a body of water. Many of the homes here are located on waterfront lots and have piers. Bloom has also installed LED landscape lighting in this community. The homes located at the end of the community (the end of Landfall Dr.) are the ones that all have waterfront lots and all but two of the houses have piers. We have performed on project in this small section of 20 homes as well (address not disclosed for privacy reasons). If you live in this area and wish to see what we have to offer please contact us today. We have very high end pavers that will match the look of your home. Landfall homes are extremely high end ( parade of homes) so the material used should be high end to preserve the value and general feel of this community.

Liberty Ridge, Williamsburg VA- If you have a home in this beautiful new community, we invite you to call Bloom Lawn + Landscaping for all your landscaping and outdoor living needs. Liberty Ridge is a new community and manty of the lots are not developed yet, for this reason, we have only done one project here so far.

Longhill Station, Williamsburg- We recently completed a large paver patio here. Like a lot of the neighborhoods it has a Williamsburg VA mailing address although it it not in the City of Williamsburg. The builder for Longhill Station was Atlantic Homes of Williamsburg, VA. If you have a home in Longhill station we invite you to try Bloom Lawn + Landscaping as we have done several projects here over the years.

Marquis Hills- Williamsburg, VA- we invite you to try Bloom Lawn + Landscaping if you live in Marquis Hills and need landscaping services or wish to upgrade your new home with a patio, outdoor kitchen, or other landscape features such as LED landscape lighting.

Windsor Forest, Williamsburg, VA- Bloom has competed several projects here. Many of these homes are on their second or third owner. Our clients in Winsor Forest love high end landscaping features such as brass LED landscape lights, and timeless tumbled stone pavers.

Williamsburg Bluffs, Williamsburg- Does Bloom perform services in Williamsburg Bluffs? Yes, we have done lots of projects here including pavers, drainage and shrub installation.

Whittakers Mill, Williamsburg- this is a new community and we just recently started doing work here. If you live in Whittakers Mill call us today for a quote.

White Hall, Williamsburg- we invite you to try Bloom Lawn + Landscaping if you live in White Hall and need landscaping services or wish to upgrade your new home with a patio, outdoor kitchen, or other landscape features such as LED landscape lighting.

Wexford Hills, Williamsburg- Wexford Hills is conveniently located off exit 234 and is one of the nicest communities around with very large lots and custom built homes. Call us today for a quote, we are excited to work on your beautiful property if you live in this serene HOA! We are experts at large estate landscaping projects. We have lots of high end material for homes like the ones in Wexford Hills!

Westrey Downs, Williamsburg- we offer our full spectrum of landscaping services in this community.

Wellington, Williamsburg- we invite you to try Bloom Lawn + Landscaping if you live in Wellington, Williamsburg and need landscaping services or wish to upgrade your new home with a patio, outdoor kitchen, or other landscape features such as LED landscape lighting.

Villages of Westminister - we invite you to try Bloom Lawn + Landscaping if you live in Villages of Westminister, Williamsburg and need landscaping services or wish to upgrade your new home with a patio, outdoor kitchen, or other landscape features such as LED landscape lighting.

The Vineyards at Jockeys Neck- Williamsburg VA- Bloom has performed several projects here as this community has been around since at least the early 2000’s.

The Retreat- Williamsburg- We have done at least one project in this Idyllic community of beautiful custom homes!

There are more communities that we have done landscaping work for not mentioned here, we will update this list soon so be sure to check back in.

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