Yorktown is one of the most popular residential suburbs of Hampton Roads boosting great schools and safe communities, many families flock to York County where taxes are also low allowing people to buy larger houses. Yorktown, also known as York County has many small landscaping companies and it is the location of our company and our landscaping showroom which is located on 2911 George Washington Memorial Highway I Yorktown, VA 23693.   Bloom Lawn + Landscaping is the largest landscaping company in Yorktown where we provide our full range of landscaping services ranging from design and build, to patios, to drainage, led outdoor lighting, and more.  Our office is located right in the center of Yorktown allowing us to provide landscaping and maintenance services to all parts of the county within just a 15 minute drive. Be sure to stop by our new showroom as well where we have installed several displays of paver patios, river rock and other similar material.  
Yorktown Most Popular Services:  Yard Drainage, River Rock Installation, Paver Patio Installation, and preparing homes for sale by doing a landscaping renew and spruce up.  

Communities of Yorktown – Areas we serve. 

Bloom lawn + landscaping has many customers in different communities in Yorktown. We actually started our business in 2006 in the Running Man, Wythe Creek Farms, and Woods of Tabb communities where our reputation as a dependable landscaping company quickly grew and spread to all other parts of Hampton Roads. When driving around the different communities you will be sure to see our lettered landscaping trucks, as well as different projects such as our signature river rock, modern and traditional paver patios, drainage systems with exposed river rock, as well as our colorful selection of maintenance free plants that have made our company so popular. Below are some of the communities where we have been installing quality landscaping projects for the last fifteen years.

Woods of Tabb, Yorktown Virginia 23693

Woods of Tabb is a community of well landscaped homes with prices that range from the mid 350’s to the high 600’s. Bloom offers special pricing in Woods of Tabb due to our long history of working in the community.  Bloom originally serviced Woods of Tabb as Peninsula Landscaping dating back to 2008.  (Peninsula Landscaping rebranded in 2018 and we are now Bloom Lawn + Landscaping. ) Woods of Tabb is made up of 244 homes in total, with a newer and older section.  We are pleased to report that Bloom has performed work for 34 of those homes representing over 15% of the community as our current or former customers. Woods of Tabb is a great place to live as it is close to NASA, Fort Eustis, and just 3 minutes away from Langley Airforce Base. The most popular services that Bloom performs in Woods of Tabb are landscape makeover (average price of $3000), drainage (average price of $2500), Mulch to River Rock conversion (average price of $1800), and Paver Brick and Natural Flagstone Patios (average project size $7600)  While bloom does offer maintenance services, our specialty is one time projects and renovation of landscaping. As many people want a landscape that is easy to maintain and does not require extensive maintenance, our landscaping company has been contracted to perform many landscaping projects to help homeowners reduce their landscaping maintenance costs and headaches. For more information on woods of Tabb visit https://www.woodsoftabb.org/

Kiln Creek

Bloom trucks can be seen in and around Kiln Creek on a daily basis as we have many landscaping customers in the different sub-sections of this large award wining gold course community. Kiln reek contains over 2000 homes in 31 “villages” that make one of the largest residential communities in Hampton Roads and the Virginia Peninsula. Kiln Creek even features its own public school, gold course and recreational center. Kiln Creek has strict standards for maintaining community value , Bloom Lawn + Landscaping has helped many homeowners in Kiln Creek navigate the complicated architectural review board permits required to perform most landscaping improvement projects, even those as simple as installing a few shrubs or trees. Bloom has performed many projects in Kiln Creek, stating in 2012, we have installed patios, brick walkways, natural flagstone (Residents in kiln creek love natural flagstone, and natural and native plants, as well as Deer resistant plants, as Kiln creek has a large deer population). Bloom Lawn and Landscaping helps many kiln creek customers select plant varieties that are resistant to deer and resistant to bunnies, another animal present in all parts of the community. The following are our top 10 villages that we provide landscaping services for in Kiln Creek. Avery Woods, Cascades, Dunhill, Southlake, Rock Creek, Ivystone, Hollingsworth, Featherstone. The number two villages where Bloom has performed work are Rock Creek and Avery Woods.   The most popular landscaping project in Kiln Creek is re-landscaping with deer resistant plants and the installation of natural flagstone walkways and patios. 

Olde Port Cove

Bloom has been serving customers in Olde Port Cove since 2008, even before the establishing our commercial department. Olde Port Cove has large lots and older larger homes (many of them over 5000 sq feet). Bloom performs a lot of leaf removal in this community, while landscaping projects are not as frequent as many of the homes are older and have already been landscaped in the past. Bloom has performed several landscape rejuvenation projects, tree removal, branch and tree thinning as well as drainage projects. The top two services in Olde Port Cove (located in Yorktown Virgina 23693) are yard drainage repair and installation and leaf removal. For more information on Old Port Cove visit:  http://oldeportcove.com/

Wythe Creek Farms

Wythe Creek Farms is a neighborhood in Yorktown, Virginia. Wythe Creek Farms mostly features large homes that are competitively priced. This community dates back to 1996 and has continued to develop over the years.  Bloom has been doing work in Wythe Creek Farms originally as Peninsula Landscaping inc. before our rebranding in 2018. Bloom has many customers that have used our company for various landscaping services since 2008. Bloom has landscaped or performed landscaping cleaning and other services to about 15% of the homes in this community making us one of the favorite companies in the area. The most popular landscaping projects in Wythe Creek Farms are landscaping renovation, landscaping rejuvenation, mulching, and installation or river rock, as well as drainage.  

The Woods on Mansion Road

Woods on Mansion Road is a small community located next to Wythe Creek Farms which was developed by a quality local developer Harrison and Lear (Harrison and Lear Company Located in Hampton)  Bloom Lawn + Landscaping originally installed the landscaping at the entrance of this community as part of the development including the installation of street trees. Bloom has performed a lot of drainage work for different homeowners in Woods on Mansion Road as well as for the developer Ryan Homes. Woods on Mansion Road faces some drainage challenges as the community is surrounded by wetland areas and much of Woods on Mansion Roads lies at an elevation of 10 feet above sea level or less. For this reason, the number one project in Woods on Mansion Road has been drainage. Bloom Lawn + Landscaping has installed over a dozen drainage systems for both the homeowners as well as connecting the ponds and common areas. Other projects that Bloom has installed at Woods on Mansion Road include installation of landscaping, installation of new mulch beds, sod, and installation of river rock (river surge).

Taylor Farms

Taylor Farms remains the most exclusive residential community in lower Yorktown which Taylor Farms encompasses the entire zip code of 23693.   Taylor Farm is a newer development where Bloom Lawn + Landscaping installed landscaping for many of the homes during the construction phase.    Taylor Farms has been featured in the Daily Press :https://www.dailypress.com/news/york-poquoson/dp-nws-evolution-york-county-20141014-story.html. Bloom has installed countless projects in Taylor Farm including many for exclusive million dollar plus homes, including different landscaping styles such as exotic, English garden, traditional, transitional, as well as modern tropical landscaping. Most customers in Taylor Farms are not from Virginia, and are from different areas, Bloom has helped them create landscaping that caters to their taste while still installing plant material that is maintainable and grows well in the challenging and crazy climate of the 757. The most popular landscaping projects that Bloom has done in Taylor Farms, Yorktown include, new construction landscaping, grading, sod, irrigation, tree and shrub installation, and landscaping installation of mulch beds and river rock beds with both paver, aluminum and steel edging. Bloom has installed many landscaping LED lighting systems in Taylor Farms. Drainage has not been a popular service as Taylor Farms is located on a hill and has no water impact from tides or tropical storms.

Running Man

Bloom has been serving customers in Running Man since 2007. Running Man is one of the largest communities in York County and continues to add sections of well-appointed luxury homes.  Running man is located just two miles from our luxury outdoor showroom and Bloom does work in Running man practically every day with a total of 200+ landscaping projects completed.   Most of the work includes the cleanup of existing landscaping and rejuvenation of landscaping beds as well as the installation of paver patios, paver walkways and the installation or retrofitting of LED lighting.

There are many more communities, and we cannot list all of them, however we will highlight here some of the other communities that our landscaping company has done work in, and continues to serve the customers of those communities with quality landscaping services all year long.

  • Glen Laurel - Bloom has installed many paver patios in this community as the yards are small and the paver patios take up the entire backyard.
  • Port Myers - Bloom has done a lot of landscaping work including the lighting for the community common areas. Port Myers has many beautiful homes. 
  • Skimmino Landing Estates -  Bloom landscaped the entrance on around 2015 and continues to provide many quality services.  
  • Overlook Point - this is a newer construction where bloom has installed landscaping and continues to make different upgrades as the homes are still relatively new. 
  • McDonald’s Bluff - this small hidden community located on big bethel road has many customers that continue to use Bloom for quality services ranging from landscaping to LED lighting installation.  
  • Coventry - while Coventry has apartments and townhomes that don’t have significant landscaping, there are some sections that do have single family homes and use Bloom for many services including leaf removal, landscaping installation, and paver patio install. 

Other communities where Bloom currently has landscaping project customers include Greenland’s, Lakeside, Yorkshire Downs, Acree Acres, Lakeside, Dare, Seaford, Grafton, Tabb Lakes.  

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